Has The Torch Been Passed In New Jersey? Marty Thinks So.

Martin Brodeur has been the symbol of hockey in New Jersey for the last 15+ years. He holds countless records, NHL records, and basically rewrote the Devil’s guide to goaltending. He’s led the Devils to three Stanley Cups during his time in New Jersey.

Brodeur is still the symbol in New Jersey as he’s playing in what is more than likely his final season in the NHL. Things have changed however. The Devils began their focus on the future of the franchise and traded their 8th overall pick in last summer’s draft to get Cory Schneider from the Vancouver Canucks. The trade has proven to be great for the Devils, despite the fact that the Devils have only won a single game all season.

Cory Schneider has been good in net for the Devils, the offense is just leaving him hanging. Brodeur on the other hand, has seen some brutal games, and it shows in his numbers. Schneider has a record of 1-3-1, a goals against average of 2.21, and a save percentage of .917%, as well as a shutout (he still has a handful more of those to go before he catches Marty though) on the season.

Brodeur has seen better days, but he’s still going to get his opportunities, but for the time being, it looks as if Schneider has taken over the net in New Jersey. Not that this is a surprise to any of us, we all knew this day was coming, and that it would happen rather quickly due to the skill set that Schneider holds. Brodeur has struggled mightilly this season, holding a record of 0-2-2, a goals against average of 3.40, and a save percentage of .865%.

Needless to say, it’s a good thing that the Devils decided to go ahead and pull the trigger on that trade on the day of the draft, or they’d be in even more of a mess than they already are. The goaltending isn’t even the issue in New Jersey, they’re not winning, because they’re not scoring. Schneider has done his part in holding them into games, but they need help. Que trade talks for Thomas Vanek? Who knows what Buffalo is doing at this point though.

The bottom line of this situation is, Marty hasn’t played since the 17th of October. The Devils have had two games since then, and Schneider has suited up for both, and is due to do so again tonight when the Canucks come into town. Yes, the great Roberto Luongo vs. Cory Schneider battle begins again for the final time this season (unless the Devils somehow make the playoffs, and then push all the way to the finals (oh and the Canucks would have to do the same, so we can count that as a no go right?)). Luongo and the Canucks took round one in Vancouver 3-2 in overtime, in what was a great hockey game. Can Schneider get his revenge?

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