Buffalo Sabres: Is Ron Rolston In Over His Head?

The Buffalo Sabres are in 29th place in the NHL, and both the GM and Head Coach may have one foot out the door. Last night the Sabres dressed John Scott. That was their first mistake. The second mistake was allowing Ron Rolston to be put in the position to not have players available to start in place of Scott. Ron Rolston is in over his head.

It seems that Rolston has taken an if you can’t beat them than beat them mentality. This is the second time this year that Rolston put Scott on the ice in a time that he shouldn’t have been out there. The Sabres can’t score, and they do seem to be able to compete at all this year. Rolston has coached 42 NHL games, and has only been able to win 16 games. He is a teaching coach, and the NHL is not a league for teachers. Rolston did well with USA Hockey, and in the AHL, but he hasn’t figured out how to coach NHL talent. Granted he doesn’t seem to have much NHL talent to coach. It is about winning and getting the best out of the players on your roster. Sorry Ron, this league may not be your cup of tea.

The only reason I can think of for John Scott being on the ice in the third period of a game is if Rolston wanted to leave the Bruins with a black eye. Mike Milbury wants Rolston fired. He should be fired, but not for playing Scott. He should be fired because his team can’t win.

I understand that this is Rolston’s first full season coaching in the NHL but he may have entered the coaching circles at the wrong time or at the very least the wrong team. I don’t think any “rookie” head coach can win this team. Rolston is not equipped to handle this team now.

Things just keep getting worse in Buffalo, and the fans are calling for a fall guy. I’m calling for two fall guys. It’s time for Terry Pegula to put on his owner pants and clean house. Darcy and follow Ron right out of The First Niagara Center’s front door and on to Washington St. I think the Metro is still running.

* Full disclosure, I am a Sabres fan

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