Buffalo Sabres: Should They Dress John Scott?

The Buffalo Sabres take on the Boston Bruins tonight. Here’s my question. Should the Sabres dress John Scott? Scott is 31 years-old, and can’t skate well. Putting Scott in the lineup does nothing more than lay the ground work for a fight. With tonight’s game on national TV a fight is something the NHL doesn’t want.

Scott stands 6’8″ and weighs in at 259 pounds. He has played in 6 games this year and has zero points. The enforcer only has 4 PIM this year. So, what’s the point of putting him on the ice?  I don’t see one. The Sabres are not able to go toe to toe with Boston this year, and getting into a fight is just pointless. I’m sure Scott is a good guy, and a fine teammate, but the Sabres do not need him.

John Scott has played in 186 NHL games for three different teams. He has only recorded 5 points in his career. However he does have 309 PIM.

If Scott goes in what are the chances he is even on the ice with Milan Lucic; the Boston Bruins player that ran over Ryan Miller. That issue has been dealt with and now it’s time for players and fans alike to move on.  Right now Scott, and the Sabres need to understand that they are rebuilding; there may be little need for a player like Scott anymore.

Buffalo wanted to get bigger, they wanted to be able to better defend their “stars” and they have. Now it’s time to score. Scott cannot do that.  Don’t get me wrong if Scott fights I’ll cheer. That is his job after all, but I need scoring.

Scott will dress tonight. The Sabres are out of forwards , and have no choice but to dress Scott.


I’m sure people will disagree, and that fine. If you do disagree why


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