Michael Grabner Suspended Two Games For Head Hit On Nathan Gerbe

Michael Grabner and the New York Islanders took on the Carolina Hurricanes on home ice on Saturday night. Just seven minutes into the game, the Carolina Hurricanes entered the offensive zone, and after the puck was thrown at the net, Grabner cut across the middle and put his elbow into Nathan Gerbe‘s head. Once again, we have another dirty hit that has no place in the game of hockey. Grabner did not receive a penalty on the play.

The main contact of the hit came on the head of Gerbe, a hit from Grabner that was 100% avoidable, and he may not have meant to hit the head, but that’s what he got. Grabner hasn’t had a history of hits like this, and it may have gotten him out a little lighter than he should have. Grabner will be suspended for the next two games of the Islanders season.

Once again, it seems as if the NHL disciplines due to injury. Gerbe wasn’t injured on the play, so Grabner got two games. If Gerbe was hurt on the play, then how many games would he have gotten? 4? 5? The inconsistency is still there. Grabner clearly hit Gerbe in the head with his elbow, it wasn’t a body shot. There may not have been any intent to injure, but in the end, players in the NHL need to be held to a higher standard, and they aren’t living up to it. Come on Shanahan, give these players what they deserve for these hits, whether there’s an injury or not.

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