Buffalo Sabres: The Fans Are Speaking

The Buffalo Sabres have more problems than the on ice product. Their fans have decided to start voicing the displeasure with Darcy Regier. Sabres fans are among the best in the NHL, and some of the smartest hockey fans in the country. They are also some of the fastest to jump on their team. This time they may be right.

It doesn’t matter if you’re are watching the Sabres on TV or listening on the radio, or if you are sitting in The First Niagara Center; you have heard the Fire Darcy chants. It’s not going to go away. Just sign into your twitter account and search #FireDarcy; it’s full of complaints, and fans voicing how they feel. I’m all for fans booing, and chanting, and letting the Sabres know how they feel, but hockey is a business. The only way things will change is if Terry Pegula and Ted Black feel it in the Sabres bank accounts. Yes they hear the fans, and they even talk about it on the local sports radio station.

Lately reports have been popping up about Darcy being fired; the Sabres have tried to poor water on this smoldering fire. Now trade rumors have come up. It’s clear that the Sabres need to make moves, and fans want changes. Sabres Fans deserve changes, and have every right to demand them. But, let’s not forget just because you ask for change doesn’t mean the change will work. There is only so much a GM can do. He cannot make players play. He cannot make a coach more effective. He can however be held responsible for the players signed, drafted or traded for. He is the one who hires and fires coaches, this is mostly his fault. That is where Darcy has failed.

He has not put the best possible talent together. He has failed to give Sabres fans a respectable product to cheer for. The Sabres front office as a whole has failed to give a return on fans money. There will be a fall guy, and it should be Darcy, but I will caution fans one last time. Be careful what you ask for; you may not end up better off. There are larger problem with the Buffalo Sabres and they go way deeper than we can see.

Let me know your feelings on Darcy, and the Sabres front office.



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