The Neutral Zone: Play The NHL Game

It’s Thursday; you are almost done with the work week. Take some time and check out today’s Neutral Zone.

How would you feel if your NHL team decided it was a good idea to bring in a talented forward that has the potential to put up big numbers? Great right? Not so fast; that player may be Nail Yakupov. The Edmonton Oilers forward has been a healthy scratch, and he doesn’t like it. He also doesn’t seem to like the idea of fore-checking, skating without the puck, or playing the NHL style of hockey. Our partners at have a post up about bring Yakupov to the Boston Bruins. Not working on the ice, and not playing without the puck will not work in Boston, or any other city. Let me say this; if Yakupov can’t grow up and play the NHL game someone should pack his bags and send him to the KHL.

It’s about pride in ones Country. John Tavares of the New York Islanders wants to play in the Winter Olympics, and he has the talent and marketability to do so. He has played with and agents the world’s best for years, and has grown into a top talent in the NHL. It is only natural for him to want to show case his talents in the Olympics. has a lot more on Tavares.

A goalies job is to stop the puck. There is a report found on that is hard to believe. USHL net minder Cole Bruns (Omaha Lancers) has done the unthinkable. He has started five games and his GAA is ZERO. That’s right five games and five shutouts. He has stopped 117 shots in a row. If he doesn’t get another shutout this year it won’t matter. His name will always be remembered in this teir-1 Junior league. Now what NHL team will take notice, and whose radar will Bruns end up on. If this kid ends up playing half as well for a few years he may make himself some money.

Thanks for skating through the Neutral Zone. Remember always keep your head up; dirty hits are everywhere.


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