Buffalo Sabres: Battle Between The Pipes

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The Buffalo Sabres find themselves in the NHL’s basement. They also find themselves with a hard decision. Who should be the starting goaltender? If you think Jhonas Enroth should start over Ryan Miller you may be right. But, that would also mean you are in favor of a fire sale. I guess the Sabres front office has a lot of thinking to do. Let’s take a look.

In this piece I will take a look at Ryan Miller’s and Jhonas Enroths numbers. Everything from games played, to their cap hit. Not only will I tell you how I feel here, I will show you the five NHL goaltenders with comparable cap numbers.

For the past few years there have been some fans that want to see Enroth start for the Sabres. But, how can the Sasbres justify starting an “unproven” kid over one of “the best” in the world? Simple just do it. I am all for giving Enroth a hard look, and with Miller becoming a UFA after this season there is little reason not to. I will agree that now Miller gives the Sabres an advantage in net, but the difference is not as big as people think.

The 33-year-old Miller is entering the down side of his career, and most likely this upcoming contract will be his last. Enroth is only 25-years-old, and having only played in 56 games in the NHL is not only has more longevity than Miller, he has more upside at least that’s how I see it. I strongly believe that the best thing for the Sabres to do is rebuild through the NHL draft, and Miller should bring a top pick and a prospect if traded. Also, if things keep going the way they have this year the Sabres do not need Miller for a playoff run. Giving Enroth the bulk of the games will allow the Sabres front office to really see what they have in Enroth. Let’s face it the Sabres are rebuilding and it could be a few years until they reemerge as a playoff caliber team.

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