Buffalo Sabres Fall On The Sword

I’d like to extend my condolences to every Buffalo Sabres fan. Fans of the Sabres were told there would be some suffering, but this is just a mess. Buffalo is off to their worst start in 14 years, and there is little sign of things changing soon.    

The Sabres were once known as a blue-collar hard-working team, and now they don’t even look like an NHL team. A lot of people in and around Buffalo want to blame Terry Pegula for mess, but I do not think this is his fault; at least not completely. This is the work of Darcy Regier. He has been with the Sabres since 1997.  Pegula is not a talent scout, or a “hockey guy” he is the owner; a business man who has loved the Sabres for a long time. As the owner it is his job to put the right people in place, and fire people who do not live up to expectations. That is the one area I will lay blame on Pegula. He did not and has not fired Darcy Regier. It’s time Mr. Pegula, Darcy has to go.

This season the Sabres are just outmatched in just about every category.

How the Sabres Stack Up

  • Last place in the Atlantic Division
  • Last place in the Eastern Conference
  • Last place in the NHL
  • 28th over all on the Power Play 9.5%
  • 5th over all on the Penalty Kill 90%
  • 6 Goals For, 16 Goals Against

There is suffering and then there is not putting an NHL caliber team on the ice. There is having young talent that needs time to gel and then there is not having the right combination of  talent. This really is a bad year for the Sabres to fall so short. They have three “top” players that will be UFA’s after this season Thomas Vanek, Ryan Miller, and Steve Ott.  I do not see a way Buffalo keeps Vanek, and Miller. At this point both players are trade bait and should bring in top draft picks come the trade deadline. However I do see a chance to hang on to Ott. He plays a style that Sabres fans love, and the Sabres need something to keep fans happy.

In many ways this is the worst thing that could happen to the Sabres, and in some it may be the best. The Sabres Front office seems to be determined to build through the draft, and now it looks like that will happen.


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