NHL Suspensions: Let's Have a Face to Face

The NHL offices will be busy. It seems like two more players will be suspended. The Buffalo Sabres Patrick Kaleta and Vancouver Canucks defenseman Alex Edler will watch the next few games.

Patrick Kaleta is a Buffalo guy playing for Buffalo’s team. Some would say it’s a dream come true. Kaleta has made his living playing on the edge. Sometimes he falls off the edge. Kaleta’s hard-working hit anything that moves style has made him a fan favorite, but this year there is little room to fall off the edge. Last night Kaleta took a run a Jack Johnson of the Columbus Blue Jackets. There was no penalty call on the hit, but Kaleta was given a five-minute major for the fight that broke out after. It seems that Kaleta is looking at a minimum of five games here.

Kaleta’s Suspension History

March 2013: 5 games

November 2011: 4 games

November 2011: Fined $2,500

November 2009: 2 games

From no history of dirty hits to a mounting resume of them. Alexander Edler is back in the news after hitting San José Sharks forward Tomas Hertl. Just like the Kaleta hit; no penalty was called, and no player was injured. Edler was the player that hit Carolina Hurricanes forward Eric Staal in the World Championships this year. As a result of that hit Edler was suspended for the rest of that tournament. I’ve watch this most recent hit, and there was contact to the head.  I do not think there should be a suspension greater than a few games. Edler will most likely get three games.

Edler’s Suspension History

May 2013: IIHF suspension: Remainder of tournament (If Edler makes the Swedish Olympic team he will be suspended for the first two games.)

March 2013: 2 games


The NHL needs to stick to the rule book on all hits. But, the league has been known to change the rules a bit depending on who gets hit and what team they play for. Stay tuned for the results of the hearings.



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