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The NHL Season is going strong. Some teams look good, others need help. Where does your team stand? In this edition of The Neutral Zone we will take a look at a future star, another player getting suspended, and a possible trade in the works. Welcome to The Neutral Zone, keep your head up.

That’s just dirty pool? Let this be a lesson do not hit a player with anything other than your shoulder, but make sure the player sees you coming. No, hold on make sure you tell the player that you are about to check him. Maybe that wrong too. It doesn’t matter how we viewed Brad Stuarts hit on Rick Nash. The NHL has suspended Stuart for the next three games. Here’s the problem. I do not have a problem with the NHL talking to Stuart; what I do have a problem is what is a clean hit? The NHL has created a mess on the ice. Players do not know how or if they can hit another player any more. I’ve watch this hit several times and honestly and I just don’t see three games. But, than again it was a New York Rangers player that got hurt. Check out Yahoo Sports for more.

Let the crash course began. The Nashville Predators are leaning on rookie Seth Jones. The 19 year-old has taking the challenge head on and has shown that so far he can hang with the big boys. Every once in a while a young player comes along and has the skill and determination to make the jump from juniors to the NHL. Nashville bewares; you don’t want a Tyler Myers situation on your hands. Keeping Jones moving forward is going to be a matter of coaching. “”The poise comes probably from confidence,” Trotz said.”Obviously, having the ability to do what you do and … he’s got a lot of confidence and he’s got a lot of ability for a 19-year kid who’s 6-foot-5 and who can skate around the ice like he can is pretty good.”

This just won’t do. Our partners at Oil and Whyte have light the trade rumor stove. It’s seems like the Edmonton Oilers may be in the market for a top defenseman. The price for such a player is often a first round pick and a prospect or more. What should the Oilers do we are only a handful of games into the season, and their goaltending hasn’t been all that helpful. Maybe the answer is finding a top goaltender. Check out what Oil and Whyte has to say.

There’s always something going on in the NHL, and TMMotS will always try to bring you the news. You can follow us @TMMoTS. Thanks for skating through The Neutral Zone.

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