Tim Thomas Injury Update : Too Old or Just a Hockey Thing?

The Florida Panthers needed solid goaltending, and still do. After signing an aging Tim Thomas Florida thought they could get by. Sorry guys it’s not all sunshine and cocktails in south Florida. 

Thomas took a year from playing hockey, and it seems like he may want to try his hand at golf. So far this year Thomas has let in 9 goals on 60 shots. That is good for a .850 SV%, and a 5.05 GAA. I know his is only as one-year deal but is there any way the Panthers can get their money back? At 39 years old it seems that Thomas may have lost more than a step or two, and after suffering a lower-body injury last night Thomas has now exited two of his three games early.

I can’t help but ask is Thomas too old? I think the answer will fall somewhere in the middle here, but one things is for sure his best days seem to be behind him; just like the puck has been. For his career Thomas has won two Vezina Trophies, and has his name on the Stanley Cup. Sadly in sports it is what have you done for us lately, and lately Thomas has let the Panthers down. Just to further show the drop off; for his career Thomas has a SV% of .921, and a GAA of 2.49.

On the other hand could Thomas have been dealing with this injury all a long? Maybe; it would not be a shock if a professional athlete was playing hurt. That could explain his poor play so far this year. It’s hard to believe any player could take a full year off and just come back in top form. Right now the best thing the Panther can do is hold Thomas out until they believe he is 100%, and then let him play 5-10 games in a row and revaluate their needs.

You be the Judge: Too old, or just a hockey thing?


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