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The Neutral Zone: Something Needs To Change

Welcome back to The Neutral Zone, keep your head up. It’s the NHL and no team is perfect. Today we will take a look at the Buffalo Sabres, Peter Lavioleete, and we will check in with Union and Blue. 

They told you so. The Buffalo Sabres front office warned their fans that this was going to happen. The Sabres look like an AHL team so far this year. My problem with this is the fact that fans were told this would happen. It makes it sting more. The Sabres have only scored two goals in the first three games, and it is getting hard to leave the TV on. Sabres fans have the added worry of losing two of their top players in Ryan Miller and Thomas Vanek. If the team cannot stop the bleeding they should just start packing Vanek’s locker for him. Check out of partner site Sabre Noise for more.

The lock-out took more away than just some games. If you are a Columbus Blue Jackets fan you lost the NHL All-Star weekend. I personal cannot stand All-Star games. They mean nothing, and are a poor example of NHL hockey. In an article found on Union and Blue the idea of an out-door game for the Blue Jackets is brought up.  Go for it. But make it the Winter Classic game, not some junky add-on. Look at it this way; if LA can have a game Columbus should be near the top of the list for future events.

You are fired! Sorry Peter, but poor hockey doesn’t fly in Philadelphia. Yesterday the Philadelphia Flyers fired Peter Laviolette, and he had it coming. It seems that nothing short of the Stanley Cup Finals will do for the Flyers. I can’t help but wonder what does this mean for other teams? If Laviolette can be fired after three games how long until we see more head coach or GM’s let go. Could this be the new business model of NHL teams?

Thanks for skating through The Neutral Zone. You never know what’s going to happen in the NHL. Check back on Thursday and see what we think about what’s going on in the NHL.


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