The Neutral Zone: NHL Hits and Misses

Welcome to The Neutral Zone, keep your head up. Here are Sunday’s links. 

Is Zdeno Chara lost? Not if you ask the Boston Bruins coaching staff. Last night the Bruins took on the Detroit Red Wings, and beat them. I couldn’t believe my eyes Chara took to the front of the net on the B’s power play. And yes scored a goal. If this is going to be how the Bruins play teams will have nightmares about Chara. They can’t move him out-of-the-way in front of their net, and they can’t get to the Bruins net ether. Unless there is a magic spell or super powers drink goaltender may not even see a puck coming this year. “The Wings goalie never saw the Krug shot until it was too late courtesy of Chara’s big body” has the story.

The NHL has decided that unless you make them a lot of money your players do not matter as much. The Nashville Predators have felt the sting of being “small” market. Steve Downie will not even get a phone call from the NHL after his cheap shot hit on Roman Josi. I’ve said it for years. If you can’t make the NHL big money you better keep your head up. Here’s the thing. The NHL has a fighting “problem” and an injury “problem”. If teams cannot defend their selves who will? It doesn’t seem like the league will. This is a C’mon man moment. Check out for their thoughts.

Welcome to Dallas Mr. Ruff. In true Lindy Ruff fashion the Dallas Start got a 2-1 victory over the Washington Capitals last night. The Ruff lead Stars only put 21 shots on net, and did not score on the power play. Where have I seen this before? I would look for the Stars to take on a blue-collar look this year. It is not so much about getting 30-40 shots it is about scoring on the one they take. I like Ruff, but unless he has made some changed the young talent in Dallas better be careful. has more.

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