The Neutral Zone: The Good and The Bad

It’s early, but that doesn’t mean there is not any NHL new worth telling you about. Welcome to The Neutral Zone.     

The Nashville Predators are hopeful. Viktor Stalberg may be back sooner than some thought. After suffering a shoulder injury last month; the original time-table for recovery was 3-4 weeks. A report found on Pro Hockey Talk suggests that Stalberg may be able to make it back before the three-week mark. If the Predators have any chance of making the NHL Playoffs is if they can put pucks in the net. Something they have had trouble with in the past.

It’s not easy being a Buffalo Sabres fan. Even when the team gets all world goaltending they lose. Last night fans flocked to The First Niagara Center and got to watch Ryan Miller put on a show. Sadly for the Sabres have no offense. They are now 0-11 on the Power Play, and two games in the Sabres have been shut out. If this is not a rebuild what is? Don’t forget Thomas Vanek may not stay in Buffalo if he doesn’t see improvement. Steve Ott and Ryan Miller could be gone as well. As always there is Good and Bad. Sabre Noise has a breakdown.

Would the real starting goalie please stand up? Martin Brodeur took the home ice for his first start of the season. But, the result was the same a New Jersey Devils loss. The good news is Brodeur got a warm welcome from the home crowd the bad he let in three goals, and a shoot out goal in the loss. The 41-year-old is in his last season, and most likely he will see most of the games, but I don’t think he can sit for two weeks again. It’s not fair to ask him to be ready after that much time off. has more.

Thanks for skating through The Neutral Zone, keep your head up.


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