The Neutral Zone: What Can The NHL Do?

The NHL may have a few big problems. Welcome to The Neutral Zone.       

Problem #1: This year is a trial run for the NHL. They have decided on realignment. Gary Bettman’s grand vision may end up causing more problems than it could solve. The Playoff system is a mess, not having an even number of teams in each conference is a joke, and the names of each division make this an even bigger mess. This realignment just opened Pandora’s Box.  Our Partners at Causeway Crowd shared their thoughts.

Problem #2: Fighting is at the forefront of hockey talk now. NHL GM’s are voicing their thoughts on the matter, and a few have said fighting should be out of hockey. Fighting is and has been part of hockey. Teams make sure they have an enforcer on the roster, and yes people get hurt. But, let’s all take a breath. This is not an international league. This is the NHL. If players don’t want to be subjected to a punch there are other places to play. Does that sound harsh? I’m sorry. But now I have your attention. Fighting is not the problem. Taking helmets off before a fight is not the problem. I think the problem is again the NHL itself. Official do not call penalties the same way every time. Players who sell merchandise are protected. To further my thoughts I think more players get hurt by dirty hits. Go to Bolts By The Bay for what Steve Yzerman had to say about fighting.

The NHL’s front offices have a lot of problems to handle. Right now they are in the spot light. Fighting and realignment may keep the league on Sports Center, but those are not  good reasons to be on air right now. If fighting is taken out of the game players will have no way of sorting out there on ice problems. I feel this would lead to more cheap shots, and more injuries. As for realignment; I think that the NHL needs to revisit this after this season. It did help with teams travel expenses, but it did create an unfair playoff system. No matter what the NHL does people are going to be up set.

Lets us know how you feel.

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