The Neutral Zone: NHL Takes The Ice

Welcome to The Neutral Zone; keep your head up.        

Yesterday the NHL regular season started, and it was like Christmas in October for fans and teams alike. In today’s edition we will take a look at the Chicago Blackhawks, Edmonton Oilers injuries, and the Kessel deal.

Last night the Chicago Blackhawks started right where they left off.  Six different players scored. I guess the road to the Central Division will go through Chicago.  Scoring and good goaltending are a deadly combination and Blackhawks fans got to see both last night. The rest of the NHL better look out. Yahoo Sports has more.

The injuries are stacking up in Edmonton. One day into the season and the Oilers may have to go to the well. The Oilers have at least five players unable to lace up the skates. Some of the injuries are long-term some are short-term, but this injury bug could hurt the Oilers playoffs hopes. Teams need a strong start, and unless some regulars keep back into the lineup Edmonton may need to gress up the cogs and do some hard work this year. Check out our partner site Oil and Whyte for a breakdown of the injuries.

The Toronto Maple Leafs went to the bank and signed over a max contract yesterday; signing  Phil Kessel. Too Many Men On The Site covered it, but here are my thoughts. The “new” NHL is the same old NHL. Owners have money, and money always finds a way to spend itself. It doesn’t matter if you like Kessel or not; the fact is he can play. Over the past three seasons he has put up 198 points. As we found out this preseason Kessel can also swing a stick. I guess if this contract doesn’t work out he can play for the Blue Jays.

The regular season has started and so have injuries “bad” contracts, and the Blackhawks are the same Blackhawks as last year. As much as things change they seem to stay the same.

Thanks for skating threw The Neutral Zone.



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