The Neutral Zone: Just Drop The Puck

Welcome to The Neutral Zone; keep your head up.        

The Winter Olympics open in February, but the USA Hockey team will be announced at the NHL’s Winter Classic. I strongly dislike this idea. The Olympics should be separate from the NHL. Once again the NHL is trying too hard to pull in viewers. But, I guess that’s just how things go in today’s sporting world. Sorry guys; I love USA Hockey, but this goes too far. If USA Hockey wants to make a splash with their announcement they should do it on their own, not piggy back the NHL.  Here’s the full story

The Chicago Blackhawks have a very good chance of repeating last year’s Stanley Cup Championship. With that being said I’d be surprised if that happens. Even if your team is out of the running already; our partners at Blackhawk Up have 5 reason that you should be excited about the regular season. I can think of a lot more than five, but you should check out their list.

Playoffs? Well the new look Dallas Stars would like to make a run. They have a new bench boos in Lindy Ruff, and new uniforms. What more could a Stars fan want?  I see the Stars making it in, but it’s a Wild Card berth. From there anything is possible. Check out Blackout Dallas for a blueprint to the playoffs.

 The Breakdown

I’m sorry guys, but let’s go back to an amateur Olympics, one that showcases our young talent; if you don’t want to do that what about using non-NHL players.

Blackhawks fans have a lot to be excited about. I’m just happy that the season is going to start. Let’s Drop The Puck!

It’s funny; the puck has not drooped and we are already talking about making the Playoffs. I guess there really is no off-season.

Thanks for skating threw The Neutral Zone.

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