Breaking Down The Net, Part 3

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Hockey season is finally upon us. The puck drops for the first game in just a few hours and I couldn’t be happier. Everything that is supposed to be, now is, and everything that I’ve waited all summer long for is finally here. Now I can wake up in the morning and enthusiastically get ready for my day and go about my business with a smile on my face, because I know every night when I get home and sit on the couch, someone, somewhere, will be playing a good ol’ fashion game of NHL hockey, and that’s all that I desire to be happy in life.

So here we are once again, only this one probably won’t be as fun for me, or for you, especially if you’re still awaiting the break down of your team’s goaltending situation. Teams should be built from the net out. The goalie is your rock, and your team’s foundation. Everything depends on how hot, or not, your goalie is on a nightly basis.

In case you happened to miss the first two posts in this short series, here are links to part one, and part two. Enjoy.

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