New York Rangers Sign Derek Stepan To 2 Year Deal, $6.15 Million

The New York Rangers have finally agreed to terms with center, Derek Stepan who has been holding out for a contract all summer. Stepan was looking for a contract worth $3.5 million a season, but the Rangers were unwilling to give their young star a payday just yet.

Stepan has played in the NHL for three seasons now, and this last year, he finally emerged as a player the Rangers could turn to on a nightly basis. Stepan’s consistency in putting points on the board came to this last season, as he scored 18 goals, and totaled 26 assists, for a 44 points in 48 games.

Stepan took a a contract from the Rangers worth $6.15 million over two seasons. Stepan’s cap hit will be $3.075 million, and he will be paid $2.3 million this season, and $3.85 million next season.

In his three seasons in the NHL, Stepan has never missed a game. His health is a big reason he’s been able to progress his game in such a short amount of time. Originally drafted in the 2nd round by the Rangers in 2008, he made his NHL debut in 2010. Stepan put up 45 points that season, and came back his sophomore season and scored 51 points. Stepan has improved from season to season, and made a huge jump this last year, proving his worth to the Rangers organization… Kind of.

Stepan was looking for a contract worth $3.5 million a season, but the Rangers were unwilling to agree to a contract worth that much. Back to what Katrina noted in her article earlier today, young players who have one great season does not necessarily empower them to a contract of their choosing, and as a fan, it’s extremely frustrating watching a player hold out for money, when they have the greatest job on the face of the planet. One good season does not mean your team cannot live without you, and the fact that players are willing to sit out training camp, and even part of the season for more money (when players are already overpaid as is), is extremely disappointing to me.

Either way, Stepan got a contract. It may not be worth the money he would like it to be worth, but he’s got a contract, and he’ll be on the ice for the Rangers for the next two seasons.

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