Sep 22, 2013; Toronto, Ontario, CAN; NHL referee Kevin Pollock (33) throws Toronto Maple Leafs forward Phil Kessel (81) out of the game after a fight against the Buffalo Sabres during the third period at the Air Canada Centre. Toronto defeated Buffalo 5-3. Mandatory Credit: John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

Toronto Maple Leafs vs Buffalo Sabres: All Hell Breaks Loose [UPDATED]

UPDATE: David Clarkson has been suspended 10 games for leaving the bench.
UPDATE: Phil Kessel will have a hearing at 4 pm tomorrow.

Watching the events of last night’s game in Toronto all I could say was: is this actually happening? For me to really explain the whole story you have to watch the video. Allegedly the whole thing started because of an earlier fight between the Toronto Maple Leafs Jamie Devane and the Buffalo Sabres Corey Tropp that resulted in Tropp getting KO’d. Then this madness ensued:

Now John Scott is getting a lot of flack for going after Phil Kessel but if you watch the footage a strong case could be made that Kessel started it. Kessel is the first one to reach toward Scott though it is slow move it is like poking a sleeping bear. Kessel then proceeded to swing his stick at Scott, which was another horrible idea as he will now most likely have a date with Brendan Shanahan and the department of player safety.

Another stupid yet honorable move was made by David Clarkson who left the bench to get in the fight. This move will cost him an automatic 10 game suspension. Here is the penalty summary from the incident copied straight from

10:01 TOR A. MacWilliam  Fighting  – 5 min against  M. Zigomanis
10:01 TOR T. Bozak  Fighting  – 5 min against  C. Ruhwedel
10:01 TOR J. Bernier  Fighting  – 5 min against  R. Miller
10:01 TOR T. Brennan  Fighting  – 5 min against  D. Bagnall
10:01 BUF B. Flynn  Fighting  – 5 min against  C. Ashton
10:01 BUF M. Zigomanis  Fighting  – 5 min against  A. MacWilliam
10:01 BUF C. Ruhwedel  Fighting  – 5 min against  T. Bozak
10:01 BUF J. Scott  Fighting  – 5 min against  D. Clarkson
10:01 BUF R. Miller  Fighting  – 5 min against  J. Bernier
10:01 TOR D. Clarkson  Leaving player’s/penalty bench  – 10 min
10:01 BUF D. Bagnall  Fighting  – 5 min against  T. Brennan
10:01 TOR C. Ashton  Fighting  – 5 min against  D. Bagnall
10:01 BUF J. Scott served by M. Grigorenko  Instigator  – 2 min against  P. Kessel
10:01 TOR J. Bernier  Goalie leave crease  – 2 min against  R. Miller
10:01 BUF R. Miller  Goalie leave crease  – 2 min
10:01 BUF J. Scott  Misconduct  – 10 min
10:01 BUF J. Scott  Game misconduct  – 10 min against  P. Kessel
10:01 TOR C. Ashton  Misconduct  – 10 min
10:01 TOR T. Bozak  Misconduct  – 10 min
10:01 TOR T. Brennan  Misconduct  – 10 min
10:01 TOR A. MacWilliam  Misconduct  – 10 min
10:01 TOR J. Bernier  Game misconduct  – 10 min
10:01 BUF D. Bagnall  Misconduct  – 10 min
10:01 BUF M. Zigomanis  Misconduct  – 10 min
10:01 BUF B. Flynn  Misconduct  – 10 min
10:01 BUF R. Miller  Game misconduct  – 10 min against  J. Bernier
10:01 BUF C. Ruhwedel  Misconduct  – 10 min
10:01 TOR P. Kessel  Match penalty  – 10 min against  J. Scott

Here is what Kessel had to say after the game:

“I don’t know. It was pretty stupid, right? He (Scott) said he was gonna jump me. I just backed up. What are you gonna do, you know? He’s a big boy so if he’s coming after me, what am I gonna do, right?”

Leafs coach Randy Carlyle was less than impressed with what went down:

“We’re not proud or happy with what went on, I think David Clarkson made a mistake and now we pay for it.”

I do have to say though that Carlyle isn’t totally blameless in the situation. Kessel should not have been put in with Scott especially with tensions high like that.

As new information about hearings and suspensions come in we will let you know right here, keep checking back for all the latest.

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