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The preseason has officially kicked off in the NHL, and what better time to start getting all of your buddies around for a fantasy hockey league. The regular season is approaching quickly, and we’re here to help you along the way in your draft process.

I will be going through each pick that was made last night, and give my quick thoughts on each of them. The league consists of writers from Too Many Men, the editor of Predlines, and a few family members and friends. Unfortunately, due to some computer problems, and people being out of town, there were a couple of autodrafted teams.

Round 1

1. Brendon – Sidney Crosby (Pittsburgh Penguins, C)

Crosby is a good pick at number one because you know he’s going to put up points, as long as he’s healthy….

2. Dylan – Steven Stamkos (Tampa Bay Lightning, C)

Stamkos is a bonified goal scorer, and everyone knows it. He would have also been a good number one pick.

3. Patrick – Evgeni Malkin (Pittsburgh Penguins, C, RW)

Malkin is a point getter as long as he’s healthy. Prepare for another great season in Pittsburgh.

4. Robert – Pavel Datsyuk (Detroit Red Wings, C, LW)

Datsyuk is a valuable fantasy player, but he reached for him. He’ll get points, and should have a good season, but there are better fantasy players still available.

5. Adam – Tuukka Rask (Boston Bruins, G)

The Bruins goaltender proved his worth last season, and will more than likely do it again this year.

6. Devin – Alex Ovechkin (Washington Capitals, RW)

Seems like he fell a bit so no reason not to grab him at #6. He’s hot and he’s cold, just ride the waves owners.

7. J.A. – John Tavares (New York Islanders, C)

He was consistent all season long last year, and that makes him valuable for weekly matchups. I was hoping to get him at #8.

8. Me – Henrik Lundqvist (New York Islanders, G)

Lundqvist knows how to win, and he’s entering a contract season. I’m expecting big numbers this year.

9. Geoff – Patrick Kane (Chicago Blackhawks, C, RW)

Kane is explosive, and he gets a ton of points. He’s up to have another great year, and is a solid late first round pick.

10. Bruce – Phil Kessel (Toronto Maple Leafs, RW)

Kessel is a goal scorer, and he stays healthy. Another solid late first, early second pick.

Round 2

11. Bruce – Henrik Sedin (Vancouver Canucks, C)

The Sedin twins are aging, and the Canucks aren’t looking like the next great thing anymore. His numbers have dipped a bit over the last few seasons. I would think of him as a bit of a gamble. He is reliable to play every game of the season. He’s played in every regular season game since 2003.

12. Geoff – Eric Staal (Carolina Hurricanes, C)

Staal’s numbers went up last season, and if the Carolina team can stay healthy, they may be able to make a bit of a push. Good pick at this point in the draft.

13. Me – Martin St. Louis (Tampa Bay Lightning, RW)

He’s aging, but he had a great year last year, and he’s still got Stamkos.

14. J.A. – Claude Giroux (Philadelphia Flyers, C, RW)

Giroux should be ready to start the season. Best player available at that point.

15. Devin – Pekka Rinne (Nashville Predators, G)

I think the Predators are going to be better this season. They made some good additions in the offseason. If they are bad, the upside is that Rinne rarely gives up a lot of goals.

16. Adam – Jonathan Toews (Chicago Blackhawks, C)

Toews will continue to rack up points in Chicago with Kane. Good pick at this point in the draft.

17.  Robert – Craig Anderson (Ottawa Senators, G)

Division got a lot tougher. Can he do it again? Sort of a reach, I would be much more comfortable taking him around the #25 area.

18. Patrick – Rick Nash (New York Rangers, LW, RW)

Nash is a bit of a reach here. He’s going to put up points, but I think there are better players available at this point. I’d take him late 3rd, early 4th.

19. Dylan – Nicklas Backstrom (Washington Capitals, C)

Backstrom feeds off of Ovechkin, and they rack up points. He’s a good player to have, but I might have waited a few more picks.

20. Brendon – Antti Niemi (San Jose Sharks, G)

Niemi is quietly and consistently good. He gets wins, and he doesn’t let bad goals get by him. Good pick, I would rather have Niemi than Backstrom.

Round 3

21. Brendon – P.K. Subban (Montreal Canadiens, D)

Good defenseman are a great thing to have. Subban will get points and even throw some PIMs.

22. Dylan – Daniel Sedin (Vanouver Canucks, C)

Same as his brother Henrik, the numbers have dipped, and the whole Vancouver thing. Daniel has had a few injuries, but nothing too crazy over the last few seasons.

23. Patrick – Sergei Bobrovsky (Columbus Blue Jackets, G)

I think Bobrovsky and the Blue Jackets will have a good season this year. Bob will put up good numbers, and he’s a steal right here, better than most of the goalies that have been taken already.

24. Robert – Jimmy Howard (Detroit Red Wings, G)

Howard is reliable, and he starts all the time. The Red Wings defense should start to get better, and the Wings are looking at a good season this year. Good pick here.

25. Adam – Jaromir Jagr (New Jersey Devils, RW)

Wait…. That was an accident right?

26. Devin – Taylor Hall (Edmonton Oilers, LW)

His numbers were awesome last season, but can he do better? I think so, not a terrible pick at this point, but there are a few others I would have taken before I would have taken him.

27. J.A. – Erik Karlsson (Ottawa Senators, D)

Karlsson puts up great numbers, and he does it at the defensive postion. He’s basically like an extra forward on your roster. I like him more than P.K. and I was really hoping he would take someone else so I could get Karlsson with the next pick.

28. Me – Jonathan Quick (Los Angeles Kings, G)

He was coming off of surgery last season, but he played well later in the year, and proved he can still play. I couldn’t pass on having two great goalies at this point.

29. Geoff – Corey Perry (Anaheim Ducks, RW)

I was tempted to grab Perry with my last pick, he’s a solid goal scorer, and still has the ability to score 50+.

30. Bruce – Marc-Andre Fluery (Pittsburgh Penguins, G)

He’s inconsistent to say the least, and there are a lot of other goalies available that would be better options. I would actually just avoid him honestly.

Round 4

31. Bruce – Mike Smith (Phoenix Coyotes, G)

Another early pick, but I expect him to have a good year this year.

32. Geoff – Henrik Zetterberg (Detroit Red Wings, C, LW)

Zetterberg is consistently good. He gets plenty of ice time, and is likely to be playing with Daniel Alfredsson this year. And then of course there’s Datsyuk. Good pick.

33. Me – James Neal (Pittsburgh Penguins, LW, RW)

My internet clicked off as soon as it was my pick, and it autodrafted Neal. I wasn’t very happy about it, I wouldn’t have taken him here. Would have rather snagged Kris Letang.

34. J.A. – Bobby Ryan (Ottawa Senators, LW, RW)

I think he’s going to do well in Ottawa, and I don’t think this is an awful pick.

35. Devin – Zach Parise (Minnesota Wild, LW)

He played better as the season went on. If he can get consistent again, he could be a really good player at this point in the draft.

36. Adam – Niklas Backstrom (Minnesota Wild, G)

Bit of a stretch. He’s getting older, and will likely start to lost starts soon. I would have waited until the 6th round or so.

37. Robert – Matt Duchene (Colorado Avalanche, C, LW)

He had a decent season, and he should be able to build on it. I would have waited a little longer to take him.

38. Patrick – Ryan Suter (Minnesota Wild, D)

Suter , like Parise, finally settled down, and he started playing better as the season went on. Maybe a bit early, but defenseman are hard to come by so it’s hard to argue with it.

39. Dylan – Carey Price (Montreal Canadiens, G)

Price is a solid goalie, but the division just got tougher. Last season wasn’t the greatest, look for him to bounce back and have a decent season.

40. Brendon – Anze Kopitar (Los Angeles Kings, C)

Good pick at this point. One of the better players available.

Round 5

41. Brendon – Jordan Eberle (Edmonton Oilers, RW)

The numbers slipped a bit last season, but we know the potential is there for him to be really good.

42. Dylan – Kris Letang (Pittsburgh Penguins, D)

I would have taken him with my last pick, but you know. The internet happened.

43. Patrick – Ryan Getzlaf (Anaheim Ducks, C)

Getzlaf is a good pick here. He’s a consistent point getter, and Corey Perry feeds off of him when he’s hot.

44. Robert – Tomas Vanek (Buffalo Sabres, LW, RW)

Vanek is a bit streaky, but he’s a good player to have. I’m excited to see if he gets traded, it could be great if he goes somewhere with a top notch playmaker. I ended up trading James Neal for him, I was wanting to take him with my next pick.

45. Adam – Zdeno Chara (Boston Bruins, D)

Chara puts up decent numbers for a defenseman, and the +/- is always good. Maybe a few picks early, but not too unreasonable of a stretch.

46. Devin – Corey Crawford (Chicago Blackhawks, G)

Crawford is up for more starts this season without Ray Emery, and if he does as well as he did last year, he could be a great goalie at this point in the draft.

47. J.A. – Alexander Semin (Carolina Hurricanes, LW, RW)

Semin is a goal scorer, and if he can stay healthy he can be great to have. Good time in the draft to grab him.

48. Me – Tyler Seguin (Dalas Stars, C, RW)

I just have a feeling about him this season. We’ll see.

49. Geoff – Jason Spezza (Ottawa Senators, C)

The new Ottawa captain has proven he can put up points. I was looking to get him with my next pick #53.

50. Bruce – Shea Weber (Nashville Predators, D)

Weber can get points, it just took him a little while to get going last year. The defense is thin already though.

Round 6

51.  Bruce – Loui Eriksson (Boston Bruins, LW, RW)

52. Geoff – Matt Moulson (New York Islanders, LW)

53. Me – Chris Kunitz (Pittsburgh Penguins, LW)

54. J.A. – Roberto Luongo (Vancouver Canucks, G)

55. Devin – Nail Yakupov (Edmonton, RW)

56. Adam – Andrew Ladd (Winnipeg Jets, LW)

57. Robert – Marian Gaborik (Columbus Blue Jackets, RW)

58. Patrick – Blake Wheeler (Winnipeg Jets, RW)

59. Dylan – Jamie Benn (Dallas Stars, LW)

60. Brendon – Braden Holtby (Washington Capitals, G)

Round 7

61. Brendon – Evander Kane (Winnipeg Jets, LW)

62.Dylan – P.A. Parenteau (Colorado Avalanche, RW)

63. Patrick – Keith Yandle (Phoenix Coyotes, D)

64. Robert – Jakub Voracek (Philadelphia Flyers, RW)

65. Adam – Duncan Keith (Chicago Blackhawks, D)

66.Devin – Patrick Sharp (Chicago Blackhawks, C, LW)

67. J.A. – Mike Ribeiro (Phoenix Coyotes, C)

68. Me – Kari Lehtonen (Dallas Stars, G)

69. Geoff – Cam Ward (Carolina Hurricanes, G)

70. Bruce – Derek Stepan (New York Rangers, C)

Round 8

71. Bruce – Logan Couture (San Jose Sharks, C, LW)

72. Geoff – Jonas Hiller (Anaheim Ducks, G)

73. Me – Marian Hossa (Chicago Blackhawks, RW)

74. J.A. – Joffrey Lupul (Toronto Maple Leafs, RW)

75. Devin – Joe Thornton (San Jose Sharks, C)

76. Adam – Patrick Marleau (San Jose Sharks, C, LW)

77. Robert – Gabriel Landeskog (Colorado Avalanche, LW)

78. Patrick – Max Pacioretty (Montreal Canadiens, LW)

79. Dylan -Ryan Miller (Buffalo Sabres, G)

80. Brendon – Dustin Byfuglien (Winnipeg Jets, D)

Round 9

81. Brendon – Mark Streit (Philadelphia Flyers, D)

82. Dylan – Justin Schultz (Edmonton Oilers, D)

83. Patrick – Seth Jones (Nashville Predators, D)

84. Robert – Niklas Kronwall (Detroit Red Wings, D)

85. Adam – Dustin Brown (Los Angeles Kings, LW, RW)

86. Devin – Alex Pietrangelo (St. Louis Blues, D)

87. J.A. – Drew Doughty (Los Angeles Kings, D)

88. Me – David Krejci (Boston Bruins, C)

89. Geoff – Dion Phaneuf (Toronto Maple Leafs, D)

90. Bruce – Pascal Dupuis (Pittsburgh Penguins, LW, RW)

Round 10

91. Bruce – Danny Dekeyser (Detroit Red Wings, D)

92. Geoff – Andrei Markov (Montreal Canadiens, D)

93. Me -Mike Green (Washington Capitals, D)

94. J.A. – Oliver Ekman-Larsson (Phoenix Coyotes, D)

95. Devin – Brian Campbell (Florida Panthers, D)

96. Adam – Johan Franzen (Detroit Red Wings, LW, RW)

97. Robert – Jeff Carter (Los Angeles Kings, C, LW, RW)

98. Patrick – Evgeni Nabokov (New York Islanders, G)

99. Dylan – Jason Pominville (Minnesota Wild, RW)

100. Brendon – Joe Pavelski (San Jose, C, RW)

Round 11

101. Brendon – Alex Galchenyuk (Montreal Canadiens, C, LW)

102. Dylan – Tobias Enstrom (Winnipeg Jets, D)

103. Patrick – Brad Richards (New York Rangers, C)

104. Robert – Patrice Bergeron (Boston Bruins, C)

105. Adam – Sergei Gonchar (Dallas Stars, D)

106. Devin – Alexander Edler (Vancouver Canucks, D)

107.  J.A. – Jeff Skinner (Carolina Hurricanes, C, RW)

108. Me – Nazem Kadri (Toronto Maple Leafs, C)

109. Geoff – Dan Boyle (San Jose Sharks, D)

110. Bruce – Francois Beauchemin (Anaheim Ducks, D)

Round 12

111. Bruce – Sheldon Souray (Anaheim Ducks, D)

112. Geoff – Kevin Shattenkirk (St. Louis Blues, D)

113. Me – Alex Goligoski (Dallas Stars, D)

114. J.A. – David Backes (St. Louis Blues, C, RW)

115. Devin – Victor Hedman (Tampa Bay Lightning, D)

116. Adam – Brent Seabrook (Chicago Blackhawks, D)

117. Robert – Brad Marchand (Boston Bruins, LW)

118. Patrick – Cody Hodgson (Buffalo Sabres, C, RW)

119. Dylan – Kimmo Timonen (Philadelphia Flyers, D)

120. Brendon – John Carlson (Washington Capitals, D)

Round 13

121. Brendon – Ryan Nugent-Hopkins (Edmonton Oilers, C)

122. Dylan – Ryan Kesler (Vancouver Canucks, C)

123. Patrick – Tyler Myers (Buffalo Sabres, D)

124. Robert – Devan Dubnyk (Edmonton Oilers, G)

125. Adam – Wayne Simmonds (Philadelhpia Flyers, RW)

126. Devin – Martin Brodeur (New Jersey Devils, G)

127. J.A. – Derek Roy (St. Louis Blues, C)

128. Me – Sam Gagner (Edmonton Oilers, C, RW)

129. Geoff – Viktor Fasth (Anaheim Ducks, G)

130. Bruce – Justin Williams (Los Angeles Kings, RW)

Round 14

131. Bruce – Patrik Elias (New Jersey Devils, C, LW)

132. Geoff – Jonathan Huberdeau (Florida Panthers, C, LW)

133.  Me – James van Riemsdyk (Toronto Maple Leafs, LW)

134.J.A. – Milan Lucic (Boston Bruins, LW)

135. Devin – Tomas Plekanec (Montreal Canadiens, C)

136. Adam – Ray Emery (Chicago Blackhawks, G)

137. Robert – Lubomir Visnovsky (New York Islanders, D)

138. Patrick – Chris Stewart (St. Louis Blues, RW)

139. Dylan – Ondrej Pavelec (Winnipeg Jets, G)

140. Brendon – Brian Elliot (St. Louis Blues, G)

Round 15

141. Brendon – Dany Heatley (Minnesota Wild, LW, RW)

142. Dylan – Mike Richards (Los Angeles Kings, C, LW)

143. Patrick – Jiri Tlusty (Carolina Hurricanes, LW)

144. Robert – Christian Ehrhoff (Buffalo Sabres, D)

145. Adam – Brandon Saad (Chicago Blackhawks, D)

146. Devin – Jarome Iginla (Boston Bruins, RW)

147. J.A. – Jack Johnson (Columbus Blue Jackets, D)

148. Me – Cody Franson (Toronto Maple Leafs, D)

149. Geoff – Vincent Lecavalier (Philadelphia Flyers, C)

150. Bruce – Paul Martin (Pittsburgh Penguins, D)

Round 16

151. Bruce – Troy Brouwer (Washington Capitals, RW)

152. Geoff – Teddy Purcell (Tampa Bay Lightning, RW)

153. Me – Jake Muzzin (Los Angeles Kings, D)

154. J.A. – Jonathan Bernier (Toronto Maple Leafs, G)

155. Devin – Tyler Ennis (Buffalo Sabres, C, LW)

156. Adam – Mike Fisher (Nashville Predators, C)

157. Robert – Michael Del Zotto (New York Rangers, D)

158. Patrick – Nick Leddy (Chicago Blackhawks, D)

159. Dylan – Bryan Little (Winnipeg, C, RW)

160. Brendon – Ryan Callahan (New York Rangers, RW)

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