Clearing Up The Dan Cleary Fiasco

Dan Cleary agreed to a three year deal earlier this week with the Philadelphia Flyers, but when the deal hit a snag, he turned back to the comforting shoulder to cry on. Cleary wanted to be a Red Wing, that was apparent, but when Detroit wasn’t willing to dish out the cash he was asking for, he took to the market to see what he could get. It took a while, but Cleary found a suitor in Philly. While waiting for Philly to clear up the mess of cap space they own on their books, Cleary ran back to Detroit and signed a one year deal worth $1.75 million.

Cleary signed a deal with Detroit that has much less stability. It’s two years shorter, and he took a pay cut of $1 million. Philly is obviously the better option of the two, making more money, and he’s guaranteed the money for three seasons rather than one year he will have in Detroit. Not to say Detroit won’t be bringing him back after this season, but Cleary is already 34 years old, and has troublesome knees.

The Red Wings are over the roster limit and over the salary cap now. Talks of sending Tomas Tatar to Grand Rapids would help, but it would involve him having to go through waivers, and if Tatar were to make it through waivers, that means there are 29 really stupid GMs in the league. Tatar is a skilled young skater, and has excellent defensive abilities.

It’s safe to say that Philadelphia fans probably aren’t too broken up about it. The Flyers are much better off without having Cleary around for three years with a cap hit like the one he would have held. Cleary is back in Detroit for the time being, and he wants to retire as a Red Wing. Some of us just hope that day comes sooner, rather than later.

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