Mikhail Grabovski To Sign In Washington?

Mikhail Grabovski is a top two center, there’s no doubt about that. His ability to put up points and his ability to make players around him better is there. So why has no one signed him?

Grabovski had just signed a nice contract in Toronto when the Maple Leafs brought in Randy Carlyle. Carlyle and Grabovski had a short lived relationship, and Grabovski was moved to the lower lines and given less ice time. The Leafs used a compliance buy out on him this off season to remove his cap hit from their books.

Being one of the better centers that were available this summer, I assumed Grabo would get snatched up by a team that would be more than willing to give him what he wanted for a pay check. But yet, here we are still talking about where he could eventually end up signing.

Grabo’s asking price is a bit high, according to the Toronto Sun, but it seems like after holding out for this long, someone has to step up and offer him something that would at least make him ponder on signing on the dotted line.

Mikhail, may I introduce you to Alex Ovechkin and the Washington Capitals? It just so happens, the Caps are in need of a number two center with the loss, or pushing away of, Mike Ribeiro. Grabovski is a skilled player that could step in an help make plays on the second line for the Caps, as well as put in a good amount of time on the powerplay.

Grabo is a great fit in Washington, and reports are that the two sides are close to agreeing on a deal. Only time will tell how much Washington is willing to invest in Grabo, and how much of a pay cut he’s willing to take. In all honesty, he was just bought out, and the Leafs still have to pay him… So why not take a pay cut, sign with a team for cheap, giving them extra cap space to sign more free agents, and go win a Stanley Cup?

Is Grabovski a good fit in Washington?

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