Cory Schneider or Martin Brodeur?

The Vancouver Canucks made a move on the day of the draft that was nothing like anyone, or I anyway, had seen coming. “New Jersey trades the 9th selection in the 2013 NHL daft to the Vanocuver in exchange for goaltender, Cory Schneider.” Bam, just like that, the Canucks trade away Schneider, and leave the goaltending position in complete control of Roberto Luongo. Well, does Luongo even want to play in Vancouver anymore? Vancouver seemed to have given up on trying to move him and his ridiculous contract, and figured they’d let him play it out, and get what they could for Schneider.

Now that Cory Schneider is a New Jersey Devil, what happens this season? Martin Brodeur has been the Devils starting goaltender since 1993 when he won the Calder Trophy for rookie of the year. Brodeur owns several notable records, including most wins, shutouts, most 40 win seasons, so on and so forth, and he’s done it all in a Devils jersey.

Brodeur is one of the greatest that has ever suited up and made his home in the crease. Sure, he may be 41 years old, and he may have fought injuries last season, but the man can still play.

Schneider now has to come into New Jersey to back up, or start over, arguably the greatest goalie ever. Better or worse than Roberto Luongo? You tell me. Not only does he have to step in and fill the shoes that Marty is going to leave, he has to spend this season battling Marty for playing time.

Schneider is a good goalie, and Brodeur is a good goalie, it’s obvious where the future is in New Jersey, but what about this season? There’s no doubt that Brodeur’s games will dramatically drop with Schneider on the team as well, but hasn’t Schneider been under enough pressure in Vancouver being surrounded by the entire Luongo situation? Talk about awkward, that still leaves us with, who’s the goalie this season? Are the Devils going to let Marty take the reigns one last time? Or are they passing the torch on to the next goaltender? Can the Devils really bench Martin Brodeur? What do you think?

What will the Devils do this season in net?

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