Switzerland Sochi Olympics Camp Roster

Switzerland will join 11 other countries in the Sochi Olympics hockey tournament. Switzerland will be led by Philadelphia Flyers veteran defenseman Mark Streit, veteran goaltender Jonas Hiller of the Anaheim Ducks. Switzerland hasn’t won an Olympic medal in hockey since 1948 when they won the bronze medal. Switzerland will be looking to change that this season, and they have a good group that could be the Cinderella story team. Switzerland has a group of players that have the ability to play well, and are very capable of winning games. Switzerland will have a good team to keep an eye on.




Reto Berra of the Calgary Flames.

Benjamin Conz of Gotteron.

Lukas Flueler of ZSC.

Martin Gerber of Kloten.

Jonas Hiller of the Anaheim Ducks.

Tobias Stephan of Geneve-Servette.




Goran Bezina of Geneve-Servette.

Severin Blindenbacher of ZSC.

Eric Blum of Kloten.

Alessandro Chiesa of EV Zug.

Rafael Diaz of the Montreal Canadiens.

Felicien Du Bois of Kloten.

Philippe Furrer of Bern.

Robin Grosmann of Davos.

Roman Josi of the Nashville Predators.

Romain Loeffel of Gotteron.

Tim Ramholt of EV Zug.

Luca Sbisa of the Anaheim Ducks.

Mathias Seger of ZSC.

Mark Streit of the Philadelphia Flyers.

Julien Vauclair of Lugano.

Patrick Von Gunton of Kloten.

Yannick Weber of the Vancouver Canucks.




Andres Ambuhl of Davos

Sven Baerschi of the Calgary Flames.

Matthias Bieber of Kloten.

Simon Bodenmann of Kloten.

Damien Brunner formerly of the Detroit Red Wings (Free Agent).

Dario Burgler of Davos.

Luca Cunti of ZSC.

Ryan Gardner of Bern.

Denis Hollenstein of Geneve-Servette.

Thibaut Monnet of Gotteron.

Simon Moser of Bern.

Nino Niederreiter of the Minnesota Wild.

Into Pestoni of Ambri-Piotta.

benjamin pluss of Gotteron.

Martin Pluss of Bern.

Kevin Romy of Geneve -Servette.

Ivo Ruthemann of Bern.

Gregory Sciaroni of Davos.

Juraj Simek of Geneve-Servette.

Julien Sprunger of Gotteron.

Victor Stancescu of Kloten.

Reto Suri of EV Zug.

Morris Trachsler of ZSC.

Julien Walker of Geneve-Servette.

Roman Wick of ZSC.


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