Why The New Look?

For as long as I can remember teams have changed their look. It could be as simple as tweaking their current jerseys, or it could be a complete change. It doesn’t matter what changes are made; fans do not always like the change. Not only can it change the look of a franchise, and fan base it is very expensive for the fans.

This year the Dallas Stars and the Carolina Hurricanes have already showed off their new look.  But, the NHL and it’s teams are not done yet. This Friday the Buffalo Sabres will show the hockey world their new 3rd jersey. Other teams are said to be thinking about a change. There are rumors out there that the Calgary Flames and San José Sharks may join the Sabres,    Stars, and Hurricanes with a new look for the 2013-2014 NHL season.

I’m not saying that teams should not change their colors, or logo, or uniforms, but I am saying it does seem to get out of control with some teams. Take Buffalo , it seems that every few years there is a new look in Buffalo, and to make matters worse most of the time the new logo, or jersey is very ugly. A second team that comes to mind is the New York Islanders.  I have two words… Gorton’s Fisherman.  There are some great ones out there. Calgary has the flaming white C on their 3rd Jersey. The Edmonton Oilers have a classic look, better than the oil and cog of 2001. I love a good classic look, it help with the heritage of the game. It’s when teams try to get fancy I have a problem.

Even while I write this  I can’t stop thinking cash grab. I know NHL teams need to make money, and I understand that selling new merchandise is a big part of that. It’s just sad that a new hat can be $20, and a T-Shirt is $25, and Jersey is over $100. It’s just sad that fans spend all their hard-earned money on new things, and the following year you may not even have the right colors on your stuff. At some point NHL teams should give their fans a break.

Let us know what you think. What team has the worst look, who has the best, and what do you think about the ever-changing landscape of teams uniforms?

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