Is Patrice Bergeron Worth The $6.5 Million Cap Hit?

Patrice Bergeron is a big piece in the Boston Bruins puzzle. Just days after Tuukka Rask signed his contract extension, the Bruins rewarded Bergeron, a 27 year old centerman, with a contract extension of 8 years, worth a total of $52 million.

Bergeron scored 9 goals and had 6 assists for 15 points through the Bruins run to the Cup Finals this last season. Bergeron is consistently healthy and hasn’t missed significant time 2008-2009. Bergeron is exceptional in the faceoff dot, he scored a winning percentage of .621% in the circle.

Bergeron has spent his entire nine season career in Boston, and he’ll be spending an additional 8 seasons in a Bruins uniform after his last season on his current contract is up next year. Bergeron’s cap hit will go from $4.55 million to $6.5 million next season.

Bergeron is an exceptional player both ways on the ice, and he’s a very significant piece on the Bruins team.  Boston didn’t want to lose him, so they made sure to wrap him up long term. The only question is, is Bergeron worth a $6.5 million cap hit for the next 8 seasons? I believe he is, but that’s a big cap hit for a long time. What do you think?

Is Patrice Bergeron worth his cap hit of $6.5 million?

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