Tuukka Rask Cashes In, 8 Years For $56 Million

Tuukka Rask didn’t lead the Bruins to the Stanley Cup Finals all by himself like we saw Jonathan Quick do the year before, but Tuukka had a great playoff run and a great season. Now, Tuukka’s season has finally paid off. Tuukka cashed in, signing a $56 million contract for 8 years. A contract much similar to the extension Quick signed a year ago.

Rask had an awesome playoff run putting up a very impressive save percentage of .940%. Rask has been playing in a Boston uniform since 2007. Originally drafted by the Toronto Maple Leafs, Tuukka was traded away to Boston for Andrew Raycroft (silly Leafs).

Rask showed this season that he can be a shut down, elite goaltender, and now he’s getting the kind of cash that an elite goaltender deserves. The Bruins will pay Rask a flat $7,000,000 a season for the entirety of the contract.

Boston fans can rejoice now that their beloved goalie will be around for a while, and everyone else in the division can cross their fingers that it turns out to be a terrible move for the Bruins. Nobody thought Luongo would play as mediocre as he did after his contract, right? I don’t think Tuukka will turn out to be another Luongo situation, but who knows, the NHL evolves on a yearly basis. Either way, I think Rask deserves a contract of this magnitude after how well he played last season, and in Peter Chiarelli shoes, I would have done the same thing.

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