Mike Ribeiro Signs With Phoenix Coyotes

Mike Ribeiro has done his fair share of moving around in the NHL. But he’ll be settling down in the Glendale area for the next four years. Ribeiro put up 49 points in 48 games this last season while playing for the Washington Capitals. Phoenix is bringing in Ribeiro hoping he can be the number one center. His contract is for 4 years and is worth $22 million. His cap hit will be $5.5 million a season.

It seems that the Coyotes may have overpaid here a little bit, or at least overpaid for too long. Ribeiro is 33, and will be 37 by the time his contract is up. He isn’t great in the faceoff circle, and the majority of his points last season came on the powerplay… With Alex Ovechkin..

Either way, Ribeiro’s wife must be happy to be out of Washington now, and they can settle down in the desert after moving from Dallas to Washington, and now from Washington to Phoenix in the last year. Ribeiro was drafted in ’98 and didn’t play full time in Montreal until 2003 when he put up 65 points in 81 games. Ribeiro moved from the Canadiens to the Dallas Stars in 2006 where he scored a career high, 27 goals and 83 points in 76 games in 2007-2008.

Ribeiro left Dallas and went to Washington last season. His stint in Washington was short lived however, the Capitals were unwilling to give Ribeiro the money he thought he had earned, and so he hit the open market. Ribeiro chose to reunite with coach Dave Tippit in Phoenix, and he scored himself a nice size paycheck in the process.

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