Buffalo Sabres Do Nothing

It’s official, for those who didn’t know, or thought it may be different the Buffalo Sabres are in rebuild mode.  With money to spend and assets to trade nothing has happened. Sabres GM Darcy Regier has said that things could be painful in Buffalo for a while. But this is just wrong. You can not expect a fan base to sit and watch stars pile up in the new division, and still hold out hope that their team will not be a joke. Something needed to be done.

However, it seems that Ryan Miller and Thomas Vanek will stay on the Sabres roster until the 2013-2014 trade dead line. It seems that Sabres brass is set on this being a two or three-year rebuild. One thing is for sure if the Sabres want to keep their 99% season ticket renewal rate they had better find a way to compete next season.

There are rumors out there that the Sabres and St. Louis Blues were in talks about a Miller trade, but the two sides couldn’t agree on terms. It’s clear that Miller is not part of the Sabres rebuild, but what is not clear is what other team needs his inflated salary.

As for Thomas Vanek; Regier has stated he would like to bring Vanek back to the Sabres. However Vanek has yet to say he wants to stay in the blue and gold.  Vanek is reaching the back side of his prime, and doesn’t seem to want to hang around and be part of a rebuild. If the Sabres can not sign him they will need to find a new source of points.

No matter what trades the Sabres make, or who if any one they sign during the next few days. The Sabres will surly have fans yelling and screaming. Darcy Regier you are on the clock!

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