Whats The Best Sound In Hockey?

If you are a true hockey fan you know about the sounds of the game. There are so many sounds, some invoke memories of games past; some invoke anger and others just make us smile. It doesn’t matter what the sound is. It could be the puck hitting a goal post at 95 MPH. It could be the skates on the hard ice. It may even be the sound of bodies hitting the boards. No matter what sound you love to hear there is just something about them.

1. Puck hitting goal post. Close your eyes. Now picture your favorite player skating down the wing. He stops just outside the face-off dot, and rips a slap shot toward the net. In the blink of an eyes all you hear is CLANG. The sound echo’s throughout the arena. The only sound after that is the fans groining.

2. Skates on fresh hard ice. The puck has just dropped. Ten men are skating as had as they can trying to set the tempo. With every movement you can hear the sharpened steel digging into the perfect sheet of ice. If you look closely enough you can see a bit of ice shot up into the air.

3. The body check. With arenas being set up better for sound there are few noises that set off an emotion like a hard check into the end boards. You have skaters going around 20 MPH and slamming into each other in trying to assert their dominance. Not only can you hear the collision you can see the boards shack back and forth. As soon as the players crash into each other fans yell and cheer with approval.

The sounds of a game are part of the experience. They are a simple part of every game, but to a true hockey fan they are some of the best parts of the game. What do you think is the best sound in an NHL game?

What is the best sound in hockey?

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