Welcome To The "Off-Season"

Welcome to the NHL off-season. For the next few month most major network will not say ten words about the NHL, however that does not mean this great sport has gone dormant. In fact for some fans and teams alike this is a great time for hockey. The NHL Draft has ended, and Free Agency is going to be kicking off July 5th.

During the next few weeks is the time when fans start to look toward next season. Rosters are full of fresh young hope, and teams are hopefully looking to add the missing link through free agency. This is the start of maybe next year, or maybe we only need one player, or now our guys know how to play together. No matter what stage you are in I’m sure you are  watching the waiver wire, and the trade rumors with your fingers crossed.

General Managers and their Front Offices are going through their roster looking at who should stay and who should go. They are looking at the Owner for more money and the green light to go after the star player the team desperately needs. For some GM’s this will make or break their future. Even if a GM has a triable 2012-2013 season it can all be a memory if he lands the big name player.

This NHL off-season is should be full of WOWS, and full of changes. Some teams want to make a big trade, some teams are in cap trouble, and some teams need to reenergize their fan base. It doesn’t matter what side of the coin you are on. It doesn’t matter if you are the GM or the person sitting in the last row. Everyone who is a hockey fan loves this time of year. You may not love what your team has done so far, but you have hope. This is the time of year when teams start to get their “new” identity. This is when it all starts…

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