NHL Draft 2013: You Be The GM

At some point every NHL fan will think they know what their team needs to do to improve. If you are thinking like that; today is your day. The NHL Draft is fast approaching, and for some teams this is the start of a rebuild. For other teams this is the chance to add  missing players, and for the rest of the teams this is a way to stock the farm club, and develop talent. No matter where your team falls, and no matter what team you cheer for your  the draft is a place of hope.

There is a pool of talent at the top of every draft, and there are hidden gems as well. Teams will trade picks, and players to move up or down in he draft order, and fans will shack their heads or pump their fists with each move. No GM can make an entire fan base happy. No fan base will ever like everything a team does. But there is one common area that GM’s and fans over lap; they both want the Stanley Cup to come home with their team.  This year the Colorado Avalanche have the number one overall pick. The top ten teams in the draft order all have big needs and bigger dreams. Any of the top teams would love a shot at the top pick, but I think only three of them have the ammo to make a move to get it. The Sabres would love to move from 8 to 1, and they have players and picks to make it happen. The Flames have been rumored to want to move up as well, and there are reports of an offer already being made. The third team I think wants in and may be able to pull it off is the Florida Panthers. Florida could give the Avs the second pick this year and next years first round pick along with this years second round pick. I think the Avs needs picks and players for any team to have a shot at getting to number one.

Now it is your turn to be the GM. What would you do? Lets us know by taking part in the Daily Poll.

Top 10 Teams Draft Order

1. Colorado Avalanche

2. Florida Panthers

3.Tampa Bay Lightning

4. Nashville Predators

5. Carolina Hurricanes

6. Calgary Flames

7. Edmonton Oilers

8. Buffalo Sabres

9. New Jersey Devils

10. Dallas Stars

Do you have more thoughts to share about your teams draft needs? Feel free to comment below.

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