Do You Like The New NHL Alignment?

Next season the NHL will forever be changed. Teams being shifted into 4 new divisions and two conferences. 8 teams in two divisions, and 7 in the other two divisions leaving room for possible expansion.

The NHL has made this move to help reduce the amount of time teams spend out of their own timezones. No more grueling west coast trips for teams like Detroit, St. Louis, or Chicago. And a much easier travel schedule for Winnipeg who found themselves in a division with the teams from the east coast.

I love that travel will be limited, and I love that every team will play each team at least twice. My only problem is how many divisional rivalries are being broken up? This may just be my perspective as a fan of the Detroit Red Wings who will be moving from the West to the East, and in turn, losing any chance of seeing the dreaded Blackhawks in the playoffs somewhere other than the Finals.

Less fatigue and a chance to see more teams more often. This NHL does know what they’re doing and I agree that the realignment is good for the future success of the league. What do you think? Do you think you’ll enjoy the new alignment? Or are you going to miss seeing the teams you’ve loved to hate for years?

Do you like the realignment?

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