Philadelphia Flyers Will Use Buyouts

This is sure to be an offseason for the ages. For the first time NHL teams will be able to use two *amnesty buyouts. Many teams will look into using the buyouts, however no matter what is reported no buyout can be official until a full 48 hours after the NHL crowns a new Stanley Cup Champion. It seems like teams are getting ready to dump salary in order to prepare for the salary cap going down next season.

TSN is reporting that the Philadelphia Flyers will use both buyouts this offseason. It seems that Danny Briere, and Ilya Bryzgalov will soon be UFA’s and will need to find a new team.

Briere is 35 years old and has two years left on his current contract. If the reports are true, the flyers will owe Briere $3.33 Million over the next four-years. My question is will this buyout be the end of Briere’s NHL playing career?

Daniel Briere’s Numbers:

2012-2013 season: GP:34 G:6 A:10 PTS:16

Career Regular Season Numbers: GP:847 G:286 A:377 PTS:659 

Philadelphia is only a few years into Bryzgalov’s 9 year $51 million contract. His buy out will take 14 years to complete, and will come at a price tag of $1.64 million over the next 14 years. Totaling $23 million

Ilya Bryzgalov‘s Numbers:

2012-2013 Regular Season: GP:40 GAA:2.79 SV%:.900%

Career Regular Season Numbers:  GAA:2.55 SV%:.913% (thirty career shutouts)

The Flyers are not unlike any other NHL team. They will continue to sign players, and release players. My hope is that as players get bought out it will create a more exciting offseason.

* The players bought out will still receive two-thirds of what’s left on their contract, but those costs will not count towards the salary cap. However, they will still count towards the players’ share of hockey-related revenues (

~ Looking for more information on what the Flyers have been up to this week? Check out TMMOTS staff writer Kevin Carey’s  article.

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