Do Teams Need To Pay For Top Goaltending?

In today’s NHL  teams  are built around scoring and defense, or teams build from the goal out. This year the last teams skating have gotten the best of both worlds, but they have not paid for it. For the Boston Bruins Tuukka Rask has a salary and cap hit of $3,500,000. As for the Chicago Blackhawks Corey Crawford his salary is $2,250,000 with a cap hit of $2,666,667. What is a better way to build a winning team? A few teams will need to take a good long look, and answer this very question in the next few year. For example the  Buffalo Sabres will have to deal with Ryan Miller and his expiring $6,250,000 contact. Miller will be a free agent after the 2013-2014 season., and the New York Rangers will have to take a long look at Henrik lundqvist. Lundqvist will also be a UFA at the end of next year. His current cap hit is $6,875,000. With the salary cap set to drop next year, and the future of the cap unknown this decision could be a hard one to make.   The wrong choice could handcuff a franchise for years to come,  and send a once top team free falling in the standings.  You be the GM, cast your vote on our daily poll below.                                     

Do teams need a top paid goaltender?

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