Seth Jones, May Not Go #1

The 2013 NHL Draft is not far off, and this year the Colorado Avalanche have the #1 pick. Colorado should draft Seth Jones. I am not one of them. While a big time defenseman is hard to find; it is even harder to find a top-notch game changing forward. In most cases a team is more than able to find a strong defenseman later in the first round. With Colorado needing to fill holes, and teams wanting to climb into that number one sport I think they should trade down, or my second choice would be to pick a forward. Dating back to 1992 a defenseman has only been drafted #1 only five times.                                                                                                           

1992 Roman Hamrlik, Tampa Bay Lightning

1994 Ed Jovanouski, Florida Panthers

1995 Bryan Berard, Ottawa Senators

1996 Chris Phillips, Ottawa Senators

2006 Erik Johnson, St. Louis Blues

Out of the names above I really do not see number one draft pick talent.

I am sure that Jones will be a super star in the NHL, but so will Darnell Nurse.  Some experts say that Nurse could be as good as Jones, but not as quickly. If Colorado is dead set on a defenseman they could drop as low as the 8th spot and still pick up a future superstar. That spot is held by the Buffalo Sabres, and Buffalo is said to want to make a big move up the draft charts this year. To further my argument I have compiled a list of number one picks between 2001-2009.

2001 Ilya Kovalchuck

2002 Rick Nash

2003 Marc-Andre Fleury

2004 Alex Ovechkin

2005 Sidney Crosby

2006 Erik Johnson D

2007 Patrick Kane

2008 Steven Stamkos

2009 John Travares

If you are a Colorado fan, would you be willing to pass on any of these talents for Jones? The NHL wants to increases scoring, and there is no better way to do that than adding top line talent. If the Avs are going to pick at number one, they should go Forward. But, after looking at the numbers, and checking out some team needs I believe moving down is the best move for the Avalanche. They need a Goalie, and a top pair defenseman. Stock pile the picks , and grab everything you need.


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