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Duncan Keith Suspended For Game 4

Eight minutes into the second period of game 3 of the Western Conference Finals in Los Angeles, Duncan Keith and Jeff Carter went at it in front of the net during a quick L.A. push. The end result was Keith’s glove being knocked to the ice. On the skate back, Keith grabbed his glove just as Jeff Carter smacked either his glove, or his hand, I’m not to sure. Keith, not too happy about the situation, as you might imagine, pulled his stick up and gave Mr. Carter a nice smack in the mouth with his stick.

Keith received a 4 minute double minor on the play for high sticking. After the game, Keith said it was an accident, and that he didn’t mean to hit him in the face. Either way, the NHL frowns upon one hitting another with the stick whether it be in the face or in the shoulder, I would think.

Wednesday afternoon the NHL held a hearing over the play from the night before. The great Mr. Brendan Shanahan and company came to a one game suspension, leaving Keith out of game 4 in L.A. Accidental or not Mr. Keith, you did a no-no.

I would say a one game suspension is appropriate here. It did appear to be accidental, or at least something he hadn’t thought through until after the play happened. Keith skated right over to Carter, who was sprawled on the ice at center.

You be the judge, what do you think? Is one game fair for giving a guy a nice smack in the mouth with the blade of your stick? May have been an accident, but when it’s all said and done, you still hit a guy in the face with your stick Duncan Keith.

Was one game enough?

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