Stanley Cup Conferance Finals, 14 Cups In All


This Saturday the NHL will drop the puck for the Conference finals, and for the first time in NHL history the four remaining teams are the last four Staley Cup champions. The Pittsburgh Penguins ;who last won the cup in 2009 are going to face off vs. the Boston Bruins, who hoisted the cup back in 2011 for a chance to win the East, and more importantly a chance to hold up the Stanley Cup this year. In the West it will be a battle between the defending champs the  Los Angeles Kings and the 2010 champs the Chicago Blackhawks. There is no real shock value to the remaining four teams. All of  these teams have done the work to get to this point.

Three out of the remaining four teams have won multiple cups, but together the total number of Championships is 14.

Chicago Blackhawks  4 Stanly Cup Victories

1934 vs. Detroit Red Wings (series won 3 games to 1), 1938 vs. Toronto Maple Leafs (series won 3 games to 1), 1961 vs. Detroit Red Wings (series won 4 games to 2), 2010 vs. Philadelphia Flyers (series won 4 games to 2)

Los Angeles Kings 1 Stanley Cup Victory

2012 vs. New Jersey Devils (series won 4 games to 2)

Pittsburgh Penguins 3 Stanley Cup Victories

1991 vs. Minnesota North Stars (series won 4 games to 2), 1992 vs. Chicago Blackhawks (Penguins swept the series), 2009 vs. Detroit Red Wings (series won 4 games to 3)

Boston Bruins 6 Stanley Cup Victories

1929 vs. New York Rangers (series won 2 game to 0), 1939 vs. Toronto Maple Leafs (series won 4 games to 1), 1941 vs. Detroit Red Wings (Bruins swept the series), 1970 vs. St. Louis Blues (Bruins swept the series), 1972 vs. New York Rangers (series won 4 games to 2), 2011 vs. Vancouver Canucks (series won 4 games to 3)

Here’s a look at the odds: Las Vegas odds makers have the Pittsburgh Penguins as the favorite in the East, and they are  the favorites to win the cup (3/2 odds). Vegas has the Chicago Blackhawks coming out of the west (5/2 odds). Los Angeles Kings are 3/1, and rounding out the remaining four is the Boston Bruins at 5/1.

One of these teams is going to add to their franchises glory. I like to go agents convention wisdom sometimes, and  I will do that here. Looking at this years final four;  I think we may see a Boston vs. Los Angeles final. I’ll jump way ahead and say at first look the Kings repeat in 7.



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