Detroit Red Wings or Chicago Blackhawks, which do you prefer, sir?


Well, actually, neither.  Hailing from St. Louis, Missouri, I have been conditioned to dislike any bird other than a Cardinal.  But, none the less, the question still stands – Wings or Hawks?

Let’s first take a look at the Hawks.

St. Louis Blues fans would be in denial if they did not admit deriving some pleasure from the faithful Squawk fans pending playoff demise at the hands of one of their greatest rivals, the Detroit Dead Wings; especially since the Chicago Blackhawks began the season in one of the most amazing out-of-the-gate regular season blast-offs in the history of the NHL with 24 games passing by, before losing in regulation to the Colorado Avalanche.

With such a dominating regular season performance, I am confident that the vast majority of Hawk fans have been frothing at the mouth for months now in anticipation, at the very least, of another Stanley Cup appearance.

This fact makes their pending destruction that much sweeter for a True Blue Fan.

A Hawks loss in Detroit on Monday night would certainly be a real treat, but it could never compare to such four-course meals as the treasured memories of game four in the 1993 playoffs at the Old Barn in St. Louis, when the Chicago net minder – Eddie the Eagle Belfour (Pronounced “Bellllllfooouuuure”) shattered his goalie stick over the crossbar, right after Brett Hull accidentally bumped into Mr. Belfour behind the net; which led to an empty net, game winning, playoff series sweep goal by Craig Janney and the subsequent Belfour epic meltdown.

How about Detroit?  Maybe a Detroit loss at the Joe on Monday, along with a Wednesday night thrashing in Chicago would be icing on the cake served up to your True Blues Fans.  Yes, I think that would be a fine dessert to finish off the Dead Wings season…especially with such memories still haunting Blues fans, as in 1996, when the St. Louis Blues’ Wayne Gretzky lost the puck at the point and Steve Yzerman blasted a long shot past Jon Casey to win a rare 1-0 double-overtime Game 7 for the Detroit Red Wings.  Ouch, that one really hurt!

Well, either way, if you’re a St. Louis Blues fan, you cannot lose.  You either get served up a sumptuous Hawk Casserole or some saucy BBQ Smoked Pheasant Wings. Well, actually, we did lose, in six games to the Los Angeles Kings; but, since misery loves company, we look forward to having one of the two central divisional foes over for dinner soon.

-Amen Brother

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