Who Will Win the Stanley Cup in 2013? Penguins Still Favored

Disclaimer: This is for entertainment  only.

Okay, now that we have that out of the way, lets talk odds.  With Round two of the Playoffs started Las Vegas has updated their odds on who is the favorite to win the Stanley Cup. There is no shocker here. Vegas says that The Pittsburgh Penguins are still the favorite followed by the Chicago Blackhawks and the San Jose Sharks. There is no real jump in the odds until you get to the number five bet. The Los Angeles Kings are 20/1 odds. Here’s the list (vegasinsider.com).

Current Odds of winning the Cup.

Pittsburgh Penguins 5/2

Chicago Blackhawks 7/2

San Jose Sharks 7/1

Boston Bruins 12/1

Los Angeles Kings 20/1

Ottawa Senators 20/1

Detroit Red Wings 40/1

New York Rangers 40/1

Place your bets, But remember Vegas is not always right. In fact the public doesn’t agree with the odds. According to thespread.com the American betting public is picking the Ranger to win the cup (71%) while second best chances are the Chicago Blackhawks (69%). The way the Playoffs have been going I wouldn’t bet on any team. At this point of the year all it takes is a funny bounce to break someone’s heart.  My advice; just sit back and enjoy NHL Playoff hockey. There is no need to spend your money. Wave your flag, wear your colors, and jump up and down for your team. As long as you are enjoying the playoffs the numbers do not matter.

However, for those people who need to see picks, here’s what I think. I do feel that we could be looking at a Penguins vs. Blackhawks final. That is not what I want to see, honestly I think that if that does happen it will be an over hyped series. Out of the the eight teams left  I believe that a Sharks vs. Bruins series would be the best for entertainment value. It would be a good mix of the faster skating West vs. the hard hitting East.  It is highly unlikely to happen, but a guy can dream.  As long as there is hockey being played I’ll be happy.

Whats is your pick for the Stanley Cup Finals match-up? Leave your thoughts on our Facebook page, twitter, or just comment below.

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