The King Refuses to Relinquish His Crown!

In an act of pure, unadulterated stubbornness, the Los Angeles Kings held firmly to their diadem as the reigning champs of 2012; and moved onward into the semifinals of this year’s NHL Lord Stanley Cup playoffs.

Left behind in the wake of the Kings continued reign, were the shattered bones of a proud NHL franchise, the St. Louis Blues.

At first glance, it might seem as if the Blues were unceremoniously dismissed by his Majesty; but upon closer observation, for those who watched every heart-pounding, palm-sweating minute of hockey at its finest, it was so much more than the final outcome.  It was desire vs. confidence, it was sacrifice vs. power and in the end it was…strength of mind vs. Jonathan Quick and that final bulwark was unassailable for the Stanley Cup contenders, the men of Saint Lou.

No doubt, the Blues organization is licking its wounds.  A tough pill to swallow for all involved. Not with-standing the Blues fan base; which consists of a rag tag band of brothers who have traipsed through forty six years of “if only”.  If only in game six, the L.A. Kings clock was point three seconds faster than it actually was.  If only, fill in the blank with your own recent and or past Blues memory and add it to your elongated list of what ifs.

Moving on beyond the failed coup d’état, the Blues will muster again for next year’s campaign. But next year will be different. Why, you may ask?  For what sound reason do Blues fans have to believe that their history is not doomed to repeat itself?  The answer lies in the shattered bones.  For only in defeat can the Blues find the pieces that will strengthen their resolve for next year’s odyssey.

No longer covered in the shadow of their loss, but now, standing in the light of their accomplishments, their wounds slowly begin to heal.  Regret, disappointment and doubt all begin to fade. In the crucible of an epic playoff battle, the St. Louis Blues forged new qualities of humility and patience.

Therefore, in behalf of all true Blues fans, I say to our band of revolutionaries:  “Gentlemen, we patiently await your Coronation.  LET’S…GO…BLUES!”

My son just read what I wrote and his reaction was: “Dad, you need to dial it down a notch”.

-Amen Brother

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