Maple Leafs Should Turn CN Tower Into Playoff Goal Light

The Toronto Maple Leafs have made the playoffs for the first time since the 2004 spring and now their fans are going to the ultimate extremes to get the hockey crazed city behind their beloved team.  It’s simple – turn the CN Tower into the world’s largest goal light every time the Maple Leafs score a goal during the upcoming playoffs.  At least that’s what Scotty Booth would like to see happen who talked to Luke Fox of Sportsnet about his idea.

Booth is described in Fox’s article as a marketing student at Toronto’s George Brown College and had the brain wave after writing his final exam last Wednesday.  He refers to the Budweiser campaign that has been adopted across Canada with their red goal-light theme and has since started a petition to have the CN Tower turn red with a “spinning beam.”

Fox reports that the petition, which can be signed here, has a goal of 50,000 signatures and has already been sent to CN Tower (CLC Ltd.), Budweiser Canada, MLSE and multiple TV networks in hopes of picking up some steam.

Good idea or terrible thought?

There will no doubt be some doubters and naysayers of this project, most noticeably from those that dislike the Leafs.  But as Fox notes, the CN Tower has been used for special lighting in the past including turning it green and white when the Saskatchewan Roughriders won the 2007 Grey Cup as part of the Canadian Football League.

Yet as Fox reminds us, the CN Tower is a “Canadian National Tower” with the emphasis on the National part.  Is it fair to have such a Canadian monument support solely the Maple Leafs despite being the lone NHL club in the city that lays claim to the world’s fourth-tallest structure?

Sure the Roughriders were honored when they won the Grey Cup from the Toronto based tower despite the Argonauts calling Tornoto home (also part of the CFL).

But this would be a case that would show biased support towards just the Leafs, begging the question that Fox asks Booth:

Aren’t you worried that such a grandiose display of Leafs pride would further enforce the idea that Toronto views itself as the centre of the hockey universe?

Booth’s reply?  “Toronto is the centre of the hockey universe. That’s not an opinion; that’s a fact.”

Agree or disagree with Booth, that’s your opinion and we’d love to hear it.  Putting that aside, I think the idea of having the CN Tower as a goal light is a great way to capture the cities attention for the playoffs.  Given they’ve been starved for nine years with no playoff hockey, Toronto is on the verge of exploding with excitement.  Since you never know when your team will have a shot to compete for the Stanley Cup again, why not go all out this year and have some fun with it.

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