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EA Sports NHL 14: Trailer has some HITS and misses.

The trailer for NHL ’14 has hit Youtube. Usually these trailers are some great NHL highlights, a catchy tune (this time it’s “The Boys are Back” by the Dropkick Murphys) and a small amount of gameplay that doesn’t reveal much. How is the new NHL trailer? Here’s a breakdown of the major moments:

0:16 – Sweet deke by Evgeni Malkin. One of the things that EA Sports comments on for their website for the game is the “One-Touch Dekes,” and if this is any indication, it could be a good one. Not sure how it differs from the previous edition, but the ability of players to deke out the defensemen was sorely lacking. Hoping for improvements.

0:18 – aside from the opening montage, which included video of Sharks captain Joe Thornton taking off his helmet before a bout, this is the only footage we get of any fighting. So what about the new “Enforcer Engine” I’ve been promised? Sad to see there’s only real fight footage in the trailer. They must still be working on this feature. Best fighting in a hockey game is still Blades of Steel, no doubt.

0:19 – Nice hit, but one of the bragging points about the new game is their new NHL Collision Physics. Looks the same as NHL ’13.

0:24 – P.K. Subban slams Brad Marchand into the boards. I am rethinking my opinion about the new NHL Collision Physics.

0:32 – Pavel Datsyuk getting downright Datsuykian. THIS is what I’m talking about in terms of dekes.

0:40 – Semin with a slick behind the back pass to Jiri Tlusty who smacks it in…wait, was that game footage or real footage? The pass was game, the goal was real, and the high five was real too. Wow, this game looks amazing. This now also represents the most I’ve thought about Jiri Tlusty since he was traded from the Leafs.

0:48 – I like the post-fight celebration by a Bruin who appears to be Milan Lucic. Still doesn’t count as fight footage, though.

0:50 – Nice that the Patrick Kane spin-o-rama might actually make it into gameplay. My buddies and I used to simulate the Denis Savard Spin-o-rama in NHL ’94, this promises to be slicker.

Overall, not a bad trailer but I need to see more. The best things about the new NHL games are 1) the updated rosters, and 2) the updates to gameplay. We know the roster updates are coming, but the new features leave a bit to be desired from this trailer. I will buy it regardless, but I’m waiting for EA to deliver the goods in terms of more gameplay.  I have no doubt they will come through, like they always do.

Last item of business on NHL 14 is that there is an upcoming cover vote that begins on April 22nd.  You can find a link to that here.


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