The Secret Life of Shea Weber

As another work week is upon us (you suck Monday) we are forced to endure the pains that come with it.  The corporate settings that have you dragged down, conference calls that won’t end and the everyday battle of “the customer is always right.”

So we thought you might need a little pick me up in the form of laughter.  After all, laughter is the best medicine for, well, pretty much everything.

If you’ve been following our Nashville Predators site – Predlines, you’ve noticed that every Monday they have a comic strip titled – “The Secret Life of Shea Webber.”  It’s a fictional comic that cartoonist Bob Sham puts together for the site, as he creates a life that no one knows about involving the Predators captain, Shea Weber.  Highly amusing, this series has taken us through the introduction where Weber performs as a country music star in the city of Nashville under the stage name “Webb Sheber.”

You’ll have to check out the full installment of the series to get the history on what happened to Weber when he agrees to a drink with Blue Jackets tough guy, Jared Boll, to help keep his secret life a secret.  But for now, head on over to Predlines to check out the sixth strip of “The Secret Life of Shea Weber.”

Who knows, you just might cure those Monday blues.

Obligatory disclaimer: “Shea” is a work of fiction that in no way represents the real life of Shea Weber or anybody else who works with or around the Nashville Predators organization or the National Hockey league.

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