April 15, 2012; Detroit, MI, USA;Detroit Red Wings fans hold up signs during game three of the 2012 Western Conference quarterfinals against the Nashville Predators at Joe Louis Arena. Mandatory Credit: Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

NHL Fans: Where Is the Respect?

Feb 21, 2013; Detroit, MI, USA; Detroit Red Wings players celebrate after the game against the Vancouver Canucks at Joe Louis Arena. Detroit won 8-3. Mandatory Credit: Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

My brother and I attended Joe Louis Arena Sunday to watch the Detroit Red Wings, who we watched shutout the Nashville Predators the night before, take on Ryan Kesler and the Vancouver Canucks. The game resulted in an 8-3 victory for the Red Wings. I wasn’t happy with the game though. I was glad about the win, but the fans really ticked me off. It wasn’t only the Vancouver fans, but the Detroit fans pushed my buttons.

First Order: Pavel Datsyuk hit the puck out of the air and passed Roberto Luongo in the second period. The point of impact between the puck and Datsyuk’s stick was above the crossbar. Everyone jumped up and started cheering. Only three people weren’t cheering. The three people were me, my brother, and Pavel Datsyuk. We knew that the goal was going to come back because it was a high stick. The crowd started chanting “Bull S***!” That was the tip of the iceberg for me because that is just disrespectful. If you knew anything about hockey, you would know that the shot wasn’t going to count.

Second Order: Vancouver fans, who were drinking heavily, were standing up when they scored. A teenager sitting in front of me, stood up and flipped them off. The respect level has disappeared in the generation change. Teenagers, even though I am

one, are disrespectful and completely rude. It angers me that they are so rude.

Third Order: The Red Wings were leading 6-3 in the third period and they scored a seventh goal. After the faceoff, the crowd started chanting “Luongo,” taunting him after letting in so many goals. I told my brother I would never do that to any goaltender. It shows your true side as a fan, and a**hole.

Fourth Order: After the game, the Vancouver fans were walking to whatever mode of transportation they used to get to the game. Red Wings fans were swearing at them, telling them they sucked and they needed to go back to “Dumba** Canada.” Being an American guy, I respect Canada and actually plan to live there one day. I don’t understand why people have to be this way. There is no reason any fan should treat other teams’ fans like that.

Finale: I understand that it’s all about the game and it’s part of the fun, but I thought it had gone too far. There should be more respect from the fans. They need to bring it down a couple notches, maybe about 20 notches. Let me know your opinion. Am I wrong and just being a wimp, or am I totally right? Follow me on Twitter @NardoneDylan and follow the site @TooManyMenOTS.

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  • Valace2

    ummm waaaaaahhh!!! Yes all Detroit fans are trash. Enjoy Canada.

  • bluenotebacker

    It’s a shame that fans can”t be more respectful of each other, despite our team allegiances. You’re not the only one who notices these kinds of things, Dylan, and probably not the only one your age, either. We can’t ever make other people act or say the way we think they should. Keep being respectful yourself and upholding the higher standard.

    • Alex Hodschayan

      Very true, Sean. Well said and I agree. There is a point where fans cross the line.

  • wings94

    The comment below trashing all red wings fans is part of the problem. Is the writer of the article trash for liking the wings? Show some respect.

  • Guest

    It’s a bit of banter. Good lord, nobody got into a fight. Chanting the other goalie’s name when they’ve let up a few goals isn’t some horrific atrocity. Saying “dumbass canada” is just pretty dumb, but it isn’t actually hurting anybody. It’s because of people like you that hockey games are turning into bland, boring affairs where nobody makes any noise unless the jumbotron tells them to.

    With regards to Red Wings fans not knowing the rules, this is to be expected because the vast majority of them have never played a game of hockey in their lives, and they all became fans within the last five years.

  • Katrina Capp

    Do these people that are saying “Dumba** Canada” know that this is Canada’s game and that there are currently 11 Canadians playing on the Detroit Red Wings.

  • Guest

    As for the “Dumba** Canada” comment, do the fans in Detroit know that 2 players of the Canucks are actually from Detroit (Kesler and Booth)? Also that there 8 Americans on the Canucks and only 4 on the Red wings. And I think most people would rather go to Vancouver in “Dumba** Canada” versus staying in Detroit anyways.