Feb 27, 2012; Winnipeg, MB, CAN; Edmonton Oilers forward Jordan Eberle (14) awaits face off during the third period against the Winnipeg Jets at the MTS Centre. Edmonton wins 5-3. Mandatory Credit: Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports

Jordan Eberle to the Toronto Maple Leafs?

Full disclosure this article is strictly me dreaming. I have heard no speculation from any reliable source about this trade but I think it would be amazing if it happened. Who knows, maybe Dave Nonis and Steve Tambellini will read this and get some ideas.

Which members of the Toronto Maple Leafs would you trade for Jordan Eberle? I posed this question to my twitter followers and the response was overwhelming. Leaf fans to seem to like the idea. They have some wild ideas of who the Edmonton Oilers would take for Eberle, some included James Reimer, Matt Frattin, and Nazem Kadri. Personally I don’t think any of these would be an option, the Leafs need Reimer, Frattin and Kadri, plus the Oilers have a surplus of young talented forwards. I think there would be three options that would get this trade done.

Option 1: Dion Phaneuf and a young defenseman like, Mike Kostka, Korbinian Holzer, Mark Fraser, or Cody Franson. The Oilers need a veteran defenseman on their team but they also need youth to compliment the team they already have. With them having first round draft picks every year for the past 3 years and picking a forward every time their defensive core has suffered.

Option 2: Phil Kessel and Dion Phaneuf. This option is far less likely than the first but as long as I’m speculating wildly let’s explore. The Oilers do need some older talent and Phil would be a good second line guy plus his value has gone up since he started scoring again.

Option 3: Two of the aforementioned young defensemen. This would be a much more attractive option for the Oilers because let’s face it Dion is not what he once was. Plus they would need a young defensive core to match all the young offense they already have.

I think Jordan Eberle is a talented player that would make a great addition to the Toronto Maple Leafs. Eberle would also be a great fit in Toronto because he is Canadian, and would help with the complaints people have about Canada’s team being populated by Americans. Now as I said before there is probably no chance this trade will happen but it doesn’t hurt to wildly speculate. You never know what could happen.

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  • Dave Gordon

    Wow that’s some crazy speculation for sure!

    • Katrina Capp

      Sometimes its fun to be a little crazy! :)

  • Declan Kerin

    You would get neither Phaneuf, nor Kessel—let along both—for Eberle.

    Kessel on your 2nd line? He’s a 1st liner on every team in the league, but your 22nd—bordering on lottery pick—placed team, he’s a 2nd liner, eh? Gotcha.

    • Katrina Capp

      Every team in the league? Seriously. So he’d be up there right alongside Crosby or Stamkos or Ovechkin.

      • Declan Kerin

        You mentioned 2 centerman, but I see you’re trying.

        Kessel has more goals than Ovechkin since the photo-taking scene at the All-Star game.

        Just so you know: Kessel is a right-winger. #2nd in scoring for that position last season and playing with a 3rd line center in place of a 1st line center.

        He’d play with Stamkos or Crosby on either team.

        2nd line on the awful Edmonton Oilers—I get what you’re saying. Pitts and TB are no where near Edmonton and their fantastic team.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Arch-Parsons/1294851999 Arch Parsons

    Phil Kessel without Dion Phaneuf would be as much as I would give up. Kessell still has the potential to be the top points scorer on the team this year. I don’t see Eberle achieving that.