The Latest Roberto Luongo Trade Rumors

Some have said that the Vancouver Canucks goaltending situation wasn’t really a controversy until Roberto Luongo started in goal on Friday night, making his third straight start.  So let’s now call it a goaltending controversy in Vancouver.  And according to Elliote Friedman of CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada, the club is in no rush to trade the veteran netminder.

Friedman points to the fact that the Canucks have juggled the Cory Schneider/Roberto Luongo tandem in the past and appear to be doing just fine with it again this season.

“People say that Vancouver has to make a move on one of these two guys.  No they don’t.  They’ve had this situation for two years.”

Canucks GM, Mike Gillis is holding out on dealing Luongo until he gets what he wants.  While the Maple Leafs are still interested according to Damien Cox of the Toronto Star, the asking price will have to come way down before Dave Nonis agrees to take on Luongo’s massive contract.

The Canucks were said to be interested in forward Nazem Kadri as the centerpiece in any deal for Luongo, but the Leafs have said to be against moving him.

For those that have been wondering if the Canucks could look to deal Schneider and keep Bobby Lou, Friedman points out that the asking price on the 26-year old will be even greater.  He’s younger and costs less and has proven over the past two years that he can shoulder the load of being a number one netminder.


This situation has gone from complicated to downright confusing.  Luongo’s stats are better than Schneider’s to start the year, posting a 2-0-2 record with a 1.46 GAA and a .944 save percentage.  Schneider is 2-2-0 with a 3.13 GAA and a .897 save percentage.  But we all know what has to be lingering in the back of Gillis’ mind….the playoffs.  Does he keep Luongo around and roll the dice on having him possibly give another subpar performance at the most important time of the year?  Or does he eventually lower the price and move Luongo or wait until a team desperately enough parts ways with a package so loaded with talent it’ll shock the hockey world.

There are rumors that the Washington Capitals are interested in Luongo, but Katie Carrera of the Washington Post says via Twitter that there is nothing to those rumors and are completely unfounded.

Stay tuned as this rumor isn’t going anywhere for a while.

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  • Nick Tylwalk

    Of course the Caps are going to say they aren’t interested in Luongo, but he’d make total sense in Washington. They have no clear no. 1 netminder and need to be shaken up before the season slips away from them. Luongo would qualify on both counts.

    • appaulled

      They also have a prospect Goalie who can come back as a backup.

      • Derek Stykalo

        I don’t follow the Caps as closely as you guys do and while their goaltending has been shaky, is that their biggest concern to this point? #8 is struggling is he not which would be my concern, no? Sure Luongo would help in goal, but I just think it’s early to give up on Holtby given the 10 years left on Bobby Lou’s contract. Thanks for reading and the comments.

        • appaulled

          They would not need Holtby as they have another young goalie. Luongo would be able to mentor him for four to five years as he did with Cory. By the time he is ready, Luongos contract is fairly cheap even if he does not retire. His high cap hit and low cost would be attractive to teams needing to reach the cap floor. He could be traded at that point or kept as a backup and be a kind of player coach.
          I think he could be a good fit in Washington.
          Having said that, I think the Canucks should keep him and trade Cory. The offers would be better for Cory as he can be sent to any team. Luongo would be a good keep for the reasons I noted above regarding the Caps.

  • appaulled

    Anouther choice is to keep both for the season and let the performance dictate who plays. No real hurrey to deal either but dealing Schneider opens up a deal potential with many more teams. Luongo is a very good goalie and would be a very good mentor for Lack.
    I would run with both at least until the trade deadline then decide. At least the Canucks would have a fresh goalie and more info to make a decission.