Should Montreal Canadiens' Coach Ban Subban & Price Celebration?

The Montreal Canadiens recently signed defenseman P.K. Subban to a new two-year deal and instantly made their team better.  But with Subban’s return comes a flare for the dramatic, something that is said to rub his teammates the wrong way.

This season the Canadiens have a new head coach in Michel Therrien, who has come in and changed the mind set with the club.  It’s a simple philosophy of “the team comes first” and with that concept Therrien banned Subban’s flashy celebration with goalie Carey Price that follows each win the Canadiens secure.

The two player’s engage in what is called the ‘triple-low-five’ and is something that only Subban and Price engage in.  One could argue that this is segregating themselves from their teammates, hence the ban from Therrien.

The head coach was recently quoted explaining his thought process, courtesy of the Canadian Press.

“It’s a team concept,” said Therrien of the team rule. “You have to respect the game, the other team and the fans.”

Therrien also invoked a new celebration that will see the player’s salute the fans following each home victory.  This is a common practice around the league and has almost become as common as the player’s skating by the benches to knock gloves of their teammates following every single goal.

You could argue that these celebrations have become watered down and almost boring given they are expected after every goal and now after  every home win from virtually every team.

The Subban/Price celebration was original and entertaining, even if you’re not a Habs fan.  It’s easy to see Therrien’s point of view and the desire to have them focusing on the team and the fans, but at the same time it’s taking away from an individual’s creativity.

I’d be willing to bet that there are Canadiens’ fans that enjoy seeing the two celebrate with the triple-low-five following each win.  You could compare it to the baseball players that celebrate after a home run.  The more colorful players like Nick Swisher, formerly of the New York Yankees had a different handshake with just about every teammate.  Whether it was at the start of the game or following a homer, the cameras always showed him celebrating.  It’s for the fans, who loved Swisher in the Bronx.

Subban is said to be a fan favorite in Montreal and his celebration is without question a part of that.  By taking away his ability to celebrate is Therrien also taking away from the fans?  His point about giving back to the fans is warranted, but he best think about what he’s taking away from them by banning the move.  A move that the fans enjoy given the entertainment it provides.

What’s your take on Therrien’s decision to ban the celebration?  We welcome your comments.

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