Bruin's Shawn Thornton Suffers Concussion During Fight

The lobbyists who feel that fighting should not be a part of hockey will have another bullet in their chamber thanks to last night’s Boston Bruins/Buffalo Sabres game.  Two heavyweights dropped the mitts in what was expected to be a fight filled affair.  Shawn Thornton of the Bruins squared off with John Scott of the Sabres and as a result, Thornton suffered a concussion and will miss the next 7-10 days.

You could see Scott connect with the first few punches thrown and Thornton appeared to be weakened because of the blows.  But he’s a tough customer and the damage didn’t appear to be too bad, at least that’s the way it looked when Thornton was sitting in the box.  Thinking back to the fight, Thornton’s knees buckled when Scott landed the third or fourth punch and it could be said it was then that the concussion occurred.

There is a long standing “code” among tough guys in the league who are said to have the utmost respect for each other, understanding the job they are trying to do for their club.  This is reinforced by Scott’s actions after the game who was concerned about Thornton and his condition and went as far as to ask the Sabres medical staff if they had heard anything about him.

“I was asking our trainers how he’s doing. You never want to hurt somebody, I was kind of concerned after the first period; we never saw him again.” – courtesy of

On the season, Thornton has one goal to go with 25 penalty minutes in seven games and is a key in the Bruins to playing a physical and intimidating style.


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